Top Influential People Of The World

Mr. Anthony Robbins.

Everywhere around the world, we will never fail to find people who started off as strangers to the entire world, and then transformed into the people who are looked up to by the entire world till today.

These are the people who have created such an immense impact on the global community. Today, I would like to share with you about Anthony Robbins, the man whom millions had looked upon as the ‘father of life’s decision-making’.

How influential is this man? He is so influential that…even the powerful leaders of today, who have already attained so much success in their lives, still would fall back on him for the most crucial decisions that they have to make.

Wouldn’t anyone wish to be the confidante for all the world leaders to turn to? And when it comes to everything under the sun, like business matters, emotional and psychological issues, decisions about your ambitions and career life, your personal goals, and even financial concerns… he is the steadfast guru that everyone would look for.

Robbins’ work has been highly recognized by everyone from every walk of life, from the homeless and the poor, to the big names of the world like the world leaders, sports athletes, business professionals and even the famous names in the entertainment industry.

He is a multi-tasking personality with a special ability – to change lives of others. He is a humanitarian, a book writer, a psychological advisor, an award winning motivational speaker, and without a doubt, an extremely successful businessman.

He is a proud Chairman and Vice-Chairman of FIVE private corporations and also owns the Anthony Robbins Companies, namely the Robbins Research International Inc., Anthony Robbins Holdings and Robbins-Madanes Center for Strategic Intervention.

That was just a few of the long list of companies! The proud husband of Sage Robbins and father of four children had clinched prestigious awards like ‘Top 50 Business Intellectuals Of The World’, ‘Top 200 Business Gurus’, ‘Top Six Business Leaders In The World’ and ‘Outstanding Humanitarians’ award, and had even been short listed as one of the Top 10 ‘Outstanding People Of The World’ by the International Chamber of Commerce.

A Screen Shot Of Mr. Anthony Robbins Official Website

Check out more about him at his official website . You will also be informed of the products like videos and books that he had compiled for all to view and be inspired.

He also organizes live events all over the world, whereby he will give motivational talks to his different sets of audiences, ranging from business professionals to students. If I can recall, he came to Singapore many years back to give a motivational talk on strategic planning for businesses.

A Short Video Of Mr. Anthony Robbins

In the website, you can even look out for essential guides on things that matter to us like goal setting, business planning, solutions to any issue or problem, be it financially or emotionally, and lots more.So one can gather that he is a busy and successful man, but has a heart of gold!

And his ultimate goal is simply to make a difference to our lives.
Check out the website and be inspired by how a then stranger could turn into one of the most influential people of the world.

Unlimited Power : The New Science Of Personal Achievement

Kudos to Mr. Anthony Robbins!

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Jean Chia said...

hi nafa! great post. anthony hopkins is indeed a very successful man. I've seen his seminar at youtube, good one i would say. I've even register fro a free newsletter frm his website. :)