Another Top Influential People Of The World

Mr.Roger Dawson

The moment one cracks a conversation on negotiation techniques, one will never fail to mention his name.

Yes, Roger Dawson, the master of negotiation, and another name in the list of top influential people of the world!

Dawson is a full-time speaker, author and consultant who has been going places, from one continent to another, to give talks and corporate meetings with the largest companies and corporations worldwide.

He is the most accommodating person to majority of the meeting planners, sales managers and associates, business professionals and company owners.

The Roger Dawson’s Power Negotiating Institute has been established specially for any corporation or association that wishes to make an appointment with him to organize seminars or conferences or provide consultation services.

He is not any ordinary negotiation expert. He was introduced into the Speaker Hall of Fame in the year 1991, together with the likes of Ronald Reagan and Art Linkletter.

He was also reported in Success Magazine as ‘America’s Premier Business Negotiator’.
If you are planning a meeting, it pays to invite Dawson, as he can improve meeting attendance and enhance participation from the members.

He can make a meeting turn out to be so influential to the members, leaving them to think that the meeting held is the best ever. All these can be made possible by him because of his energetic and enthusiastic styles of presentation, where he encourages interaction with the members.

He can create such a major impact on the members by helping them acquire the new skills that would develop them into more productive people in the industries.

A Short Video Of Mr. Roger Dawson

If you are a sales executive, ask Dawson to assist you and you will see how he makes an enormous impact to your fellow salespeople during your yearly sales meeting or events. He will instill the essential negotiation skills that your salespeople would require to clinch the best deals in town.

After all, the key to your company’s success is the sales revenue, so it is so clearly defined the importance of inviting Dawson to help you boost your salespeople’s negotiation skills, thus boosting your sales income!

If you own a business, he has the right books and articles just for you. With these books, you can gain knowledge on how to boost your sales and how to negotiate with your dealers professionally and effectively, and most of all, how to attain the furthermost success in your business. He has a total of eight business books and four of his books are selling like hot cakes in bookstores and major book clubs.

Screenshot of Mr.Roger Dawson’s Official Website

Visit his official website and you will stumble upon all his published items, DVDs and CDs. Many of you have probably heard of his audio program called ‘Secrets of Power Negotiating’ which sold over 548,000 copies and was rated the best selling business program ever!

Secrets of Power Negotiating

With all that information in hand, how can we not induct him into the ‘Top Influential People Of The World’ right?

We hope that he will continue to tour all over the world and contribute to the success of the business world.

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