Apple iPhone

Thanks to the creative and innovative minds of the Apple team, another state-of-the-art invention has been born into the technology world.

Let us celebrate the birth of the Apple iPhone that would surely leave all you readers awestruck!
For those of you who currently own an iPod, you would get easily familiar with the iPhone as it functions just like your iPod. With the iPhone, you can sort out your contents that would in turn make calling and text messaging, emailing and surfing, listening to songs and watching your favourite videos quicker and simpler.
Want to get to know the specifications of this slick and user-friendly invention? Come with me and I will ‘show you around’…

Take A Closer Look Of Apple iPhone..

The iPhone has a top-notch capability to sync with your computer, so when it comes to storage of your contacts, all you need to do is sync the phone with your computer, and there you have it! Your address book in your phone available for you to make your calls. You can sync the phone with any address book that you have on your computer, like Outlook Express or even your Yahoo! Address Book. If you do not store any of your contacts on your computer, it is perfectly fine because you can still store contacts directly through the phone.

Just like your address book, you can also sync your calendar on your computer with the phone using the built-in iTunes, so you can straightaway access to your appointments once the calendar has been saved into the phone. Otherwise, you can still use the iPhone calendar directly to save and keep yourself in the loop for your upcoming appointments.

Emailing can be made so convenient for you using the iPhone. The iPhone supports the well-known emailing sites like Yahoo! Mail, Gmail, AOL and Mac Mail. The iPhone also has the ability to capture your latest emails as long as you open the application, so you can be assured that you are constantly updated wherever you go and whatever you do. Even if you do not use any of these emailing services, you can still use this application as it supports any POP3 and IMAP emailing system.

The iPhone has a built-in 2-megapixel camera and a 3.5-inch display that will help you capture the best shots that you will want to keep for life. The phone can sync with your photos stored in your PC using iTunes, whether you make use of Adobe Photoshop Element, Adobe Photoshop Album or any other picture storage software. Speaking of picture storage, you can create an album in the iPhone as it can save 50 to 100 pictures that you have taken.

Music and Video
The iPhone makes a good iPod if you do not have one yet. It has a 3.5-inch wide screen display that lets you have fun listening to your favourite songs and watching TV shows and movies that you have saved in your iTunes library. For those who do not have the iTunes 7.3 yet, it is strongly encouraged that you download it via the official Apple website so that you can carry along with you hundreds of your favourite tunes to keep you entertained wherever you go.

Watch The Apple iPhone Scratch/Drop Test..

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