The Model Salesperson

Anybody who talks about making sales would find himself or herself talk nineteen to the dozen about it for long hours. It is a huge topic indeed! There is a diversity of salespeople whom you will stumble upon.

They may be found standing and communicating with the customers in a retail shop, or distributing brochures during a road show and explain the purpose of the sale, or sitting down on a comfy chair selling a product to his or her clients.

Nevertheless, no matter what body position they are in and where they are stationed to sell the products or services, they all have one common goal. To make the customers buy!

Sealing a deal with the customers is not as simple as talking to them about the product or service. Remember, the salespeople are in actual fact the means for the company to get hold of million-dollar sales results and achieve profitability. The only route to excellent sales results is to have as many customers to buy the products or services.

So the principal job scope of the salespeople is to entice the customers into buying, and better still, create customer loyalty.
It does not take an extraordinary talent to make it happen, but it takes a salesperson that is devoted to pursue these tips on how to attract the customers to purchase and achieve the desired sales results:

1. Be customer-oriented. Always give your utmost attention to their buying needs. Listen carefully to what they long to have. For instance, if they are looking for only a mobile flip phone, do show them the way to the flip phone section. In other words, put their needs first.

2. Equip yourself with the product or service knowledge because you would be targeted by customers to answer their queries. However, should you be unable to answer some of the questions, do not blurt out a cock and bull story. Kindly inform them that you are unable to give the answer and offer to ask for their contact details so that once you have been notified by your manager of the answer, you can contact them and disseminate the information.

3. Display a pleasant disposition. Sometimes you are unlucky enough to have to face the music from a difficult customer. Still, be strong and continue to show the pleasurable side of you. Maybe in doing so, you can calm the customer down a little, and that he or she may leave the shop with quite a good impression of you.

4. Be assertive when you are selling. If you show your self-confidence, there is a higher chance of the customers believing in your words and probably buying the product or service. But if you seem to be reluctant from the tone of your voice, you cannot expect the customers to be anywhere near to assurance about the product or service. On the contrary, do not be too aggressive. A salesperson is supposed to attract the customer but not by force.

5. Apologize to the customer should you make a mistake in the information given. It is normal that a salesperson slips off his or her tongue when promoting something, but what is important is that you vindicate the mistake with an apology.

6. Be negotiable towards the customer. As much as you are working hard towards your goal, do not be selfish. Try to work out a win-win situation for both you and the customer. For example, you lower the price of the product or service whenever possible, and then the customer keeps coming back to your store for purchase because of the first good impression during the first encounter. So both of you have won!

With these tips, I believe that all of you pursuing the sales line would be able to build more self-reliance in attaining your most wanted sales results. Stay patient and dedicated, and you can make the company triumph. Continue to strive for the best as you go on board the journey through this field of work! Perhaps those who have been in this field for many years can share with us here more tips on being an effective salesperson. We would love to hear from you!


Mariuca said...

Hi Nafa, good tips! I especially like your number 2 "Equip yourself with the product or service knowledge because you would be targeted by customers to answer their queries".
This is why I try to keep myself up-to-date by reading copywriting blogs and books. Some of them give really good tips that help in my every day assignments :)

Don Simkovich said...

I have mostly a marketing background. But I was in home improvement sales for almost 2 years with Home Depot. It was demanding. Every trusted sales person agrees warming up with the customer is the most critical 1st step.

I want to write about the difference between marketing and sales sometime soon. Thanks for the post. Perhaps I'll link back to it.

NAFASG said...

Hey Marzie!!

Great that our tips could help u in your career. After all, we are not born geniuses right? We would always need to read up or learn from others who are more experienced than us. That is what it takes to be skillful and productive people.


Thanks for reading this too! We are happy that u are willing to share your sales experiences with us. We definitely can learn a little something from u. Looking forward to your upcoming post on the differences between sales and marketing. That is one topic that we would be eager to learn more about. =)