Unleash The English Wizard In You

The English Language is the universal language that everyone needs to learn, regardless of your racial background, the country you are living in, and the highest level of education you have received.

We are constantly chasing for our goals and dreams in life. We want to gain admission to the best colleges or universities, get hold of a high-ranking job position in a company, and even become our own boss and establish a business. In other words, we want to be accepted somewhere.

But isn’t it factual that in order to gain approval and recognition somewhere, first and foremost, your proficiency of the English Language matters?

If you were in a job interview where the employer needs to make a decision whether to engage you for the position or not, he or she needs to be clear of everything you have mentioned in the interview, and that can only be possible if your spoken English is above average.

Or wait a minute! Just think of blogging. If you, the blogger, are addressing an issue to the readers, you have to make them understand, and that can only be done if your written English is outstanding. This means that before you ‘venture’ into anything, you should equip yourself with a strong foundation of the English Language.

For spoken English, you can always count on English-based channels on your television and stations on your radio. Specifically, you can expose yourself to the news as the gateway for you to enhance your spoken English in terms of the word articulation and the tonal expression when verbalizing the sentences.

Improve Your Written English (How to)

For written English, you can refer to English novels, books, newspapers and magazines to view how the authors and publishers can pen the articles and make readers want to read those articles repeatedly.

However, written English can be formal or informal, depending on the situation. Written English is formal when you are writing a newspaper article, a letter of complaint or email to your client.

On the other hand, informal written English is used usually for novels and magazines. Even in blogging! Unless the intention of the posts is to convey a serious message to the audience, blogging would normally be kept informal.
Basically, the key to your brilliance in the language is by enhancing your foundation of it.

You need to comprehend the vocabulary and grammar of it by reading more dictionaries. If you look carefully, dictionaries will guide you on the pronunciation of the words using Phonics.
Phonics look different from the 26 letters in the alphabet, but they will aid you in pronouncing the English words appropriately.

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Dictionaries will also provide you the different forms of the word. For example, from the word ‘feed’, there is ‘feeding’, ‘feeds’ and ‘fed’. Those will help you gain the knowledge on when each form of the word can be used.

You can see that there are so many avenues for you to master the language. So make use of them! Take that first step to augment your foundation of the language, and you may see yourself climbing the corporate ladder sooner than you think.

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