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Ads Beware, Coz Here Comes Ad-Aware
Do you know that you can have the power to create your sense of security and privacy in the comfort of your own home when you are using your computers? Do you know that you have the power to attack those disturbing spyware and popping-up ads?

How?If you get yourself the Ad-Aware 2007 Free, of course!
Ad-Aware 2007 Free is the most famous anti-spyware formula for personal computers. Millions of people all over the world rely on this revolutionary software to protect their computers from being harmed by spyware and discrete attached files that could snatch away all the privacy that you need.
Let me give you a brief explanation on the features that make up this fantastic package!

The engine is recreated to provide a higher level of scanning accuracy, thus ensuring a tighter security.The improvised Code Sequence Identification or CSI is built-in to increase the level of detection capabilities, thus resulting in enhanced protection from the noticeable and the upcoming threats.

The improved Definition File Updates helps users to save the file downloading time by making the file updates smaller in capacity.The Tracksweep removes all the tracks that were abandoned while surfing the Internet, Firefox or Opera. With just a simple click, your privacy is totally under control!

Screenshot of Ad-Aware 2007 Free

Ad-Aware provides support for numerous browsers on your computer.
The latest easy-to-use User Interface simply overtakes the complications of scanning for presence of malwares and automatically erases them.

There is more to Ad-Aware that you need to know. It possesses User-Controlled Spyware Removal whereby users can make choice, which spyware should be kept and which ones should be removed. The Extensive Detection Database will keep you in the loop on the arrival of the spyware that is being detected, giving you the security you need.
One more in the list of features of this dynamic product is the System Restore Point that will clean and remedy your computer systems after being attacked by spyware.
If you want a much superior security for your home PC, check out the Ad-Aware 2007 Plus. With Ad-Aware Plus, the scanning and detection capabilities are more top-notch and of higher quality, and your security is guaranteed to be well taken care of!

Choose Ad-Aware as your shield from the evil spyware attacks. It is the software that you can call your ‘superhero’!

Download the free version via the website at today!

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