7 Tips To Increase Traffic Ranking With Alexa

Alexa...Something Specially For Bloggers
First and foremost, before I touch on the 'main course' of this article, I am sure some of you are curious to know or maybe some have already knew, but let us give some benefits to others who didnt know.

"What is Alexa?"
Alexa is simply a ranking scheme whereby ranking is being done on the basis of the level of traffic that a blog or website gains from the visitors who drop by to view the blog or website. This is provided that the Alexa Toolbar is being installed.
It is strongly encouraged that bloggers make use of Alexa because advertisers or ad networks like Sponsored Reviews and Blogvertisers would normally decide whether to offer you to write a review for them, based on the Alexa traffic ranking.

A Screenshot Of Alexa

How is the Alexa Toolbar to be installed?
There are two ways of doing so. Either you directly install the Alexa Toolbar from our web page, or you can download it through Firefox or SearchStatus, which is more highly encouraged. Alright! Now here comes the 'main dish' I was talking about earlier on.

7 tips that can help your website to increase traffic ranking
1. Install the Alexa Toolbar, which is the most fundamental of all. Put up the toolbar on your web homepage to be made noticeable.

2. Display the Alexa rank widget on your homepage as well. Whenever the visitors click on it, the visit is counted, even though the visitor does not install the toolbar.

3. Spread the good word of Alexa to your family and friends. Inform them about the benefits of using the toolbar either verbally or via a link to the Alexa website so that they will be made clear of what Alexa is all about.

4. Present a review on Alexa. Promote the benefits of Alexa because a review is most of the time absolutely credible.

5. Spread the good word of your website in forums so that other webmasters would take note of your website, thus increasing your traffic.

6. Utilize the PayPerClick advertisements. They can contribute to the increase in your traffic.

7. Put up a section especially for Alexa, whereby you can post anything associated with Alexa, and visitors can post any comment pertaining to it.

These tips would unquestionably be useful for you. But remember, in order for these tips to do wonders to your blog, you the blogger should play a major role in enhancing your website.

It is highly recommended that you deliver high quality contents, in terms of both the overall layout and the posts or articles. In this way, visitors would turn to your website frequently and that would greatly contribute to a massive increase in your traffic.

So hop on now to our website and download your Alexa Toolbar right here!
Make your way to the starting point to get your pool of visitors coming into your site.


Bobby said...

Hey Nafa, I've been using the Alexa sparky plugin for firefox and in one month my alexa rating went from
270,000 down to 191,000! It is 100 times better than the normal alexa tool bar. I thought I'd let you know:)

NAFASG said...

Wow, I didnt know that...thanks bobby...for the info..i will implement it..Thank you for sharing..

You heard the man readers...Try this excellent tip from revellian.com

Thanks Bobby, you are the best!! =)

Rolando said...

I didn't know that either, thanks Bobby!

NAFASG said...

Hey Rolando...

Yeah we just got to know that ourselves. All thanks to our good friend Bobby! =)