Another Good Friend To Keep In Your Network

Something About Jean...

Nafa has found yet another good blogger friend that you should get to know. Everybody, meet Jean!

She likes to give friendly comments to the articles that we would post, and that creates so much liveliness to the blog. Take a look at her blog and you will see very yummi-licious Asian recipes that will make you salivate.

A Screen Shot Of Jean's Blog

Her stories that she posted in her blog are always accompanied by animations and photographs that definitely bring life to the stories. Just like Mariuca, she is also generous in spreading her knowledge of blogging to everyone. A good friend indeed! So do not wait any longer!

Go visit her blog, and you will be amazed by her creativity in the way she designs her blog!


Jean Chia said...

hi nafa! thanks for the sweet write up! *blush* it's an honor to be published in your blog! thanks.

Mariuca said...

Hi Nafa, good pick! Jean has been a wonderful friend to me and a whole bunch of others, it's cool that you featured here too ;)

NIHAL said...

Hello Nafa,

You have good taste. I have been reading Jean's Blog recently now and have found it to be quite interesting as well.

NafaSg said...

Hello Nihal,

Yeah she has an interesting blog and she is a great blogger friend to have. =)

J@n!ce said...

I think I missed the comment here....JEAN is just FANTASTIC :) :)