A Good Friend To Keep In Your Network

Something About Mariuca…

If you are looking for a good blogger friend who has so much to offer and share with you, she is IN THE HOUSE! Her name is Mariuca.

Visit her blog and you will find everything under the sun, from the essential blogging tips that you need to know, to interesting pictures and the latest and exciting news you would not want to miss!

Most of all, she, the Webmaster is such a generous person in spreading her knowledge on what it takes to produce an excellent blog.

A Screenshot Of Maurica

This blog is not any ordinary blog. It managed to clinch the ‘Thinking Blogger Award’ recently, all thanks to its loyal supporters’ votes.

So everybody, go visit her website right now at and enjoy the sights and sounds of this brightly coloured and vibrant website.


Jean said...

hi nafa! you're right! i think everyone have known her already. she's such a lovely lady. :)

Mariuca said...

Hi Nafa! Now can happily comment ;)

Thanks so much for this, I was not expecting this nice write-up at all! You're awesome :) :)

And thanks Jean for the lovely comment! *HUGS*

Rolando said...

I recently had the pleasure of adding her to our list.