Directnic: An Opportunity To Own An Australian Domain

Longing to be an owner of a domain? Still in search for a domain registry that can promise you an unforgettable web hosting experience at affordable prices?

Guess what? Your search is over because something is about to come your way right about now!

Introducing Australia’s very own Directnic.

Directnic is a wholly attributed and trustworthy virtual domain registry in Australia. Whether you want a ‘.com’, ‘’, ‘.net’ or ‘’ domain, it is the choice that will leave you with no regrets at all.

In here, you will discover high-quality domain registration and web hosting services, and a range of Australian-based domain names valued at attractively low prices. There are free perks to look out for as well, such as the user-friendly control panel, email forwarding, domain name parking, membership, and even renewal services. On top of that, Directnic will ensure that your domain is shielded from spam every single minute of the day!

Directnic web hosting comes in an assortment of packages, including the Platinum package that offers the greatest amount of storage space, data transmitting and email accounts.

In addition to that, end-users can also be guaranteed round-the-clock customer service support. You can be assured that assistance will always be on the way whenever you need one, wherever you go and whatever time of the day it is!

With all that Directnic has in stores for you, how can you resist from getting a domain name in here?

An opportunity to be the boss of your own website awaits you, so come and get it right now! Sign up as a member and get your account for free. Register for at least two years and sign up for more than one domain name, and you will be entitled attractive discounts.

Are you up for it? Then hurry and be part of the unique domain and web hosting experience, only with Directnic!

-Nafa Danfad


WaterLearner said...

Just here to check on this fav blog. You guys are still doing fabulously fine!

Keep it up!

Rozella said...

I'm pretty happy with my blogspot... for now lah! hehehe

NafaSg said...

Hello Karen!

Hey nice to see u here! Oh yes we're doing fine, although we haven't been updating our blog as much as we should. But we'll still keep on updating no matter what!

Hope u are doing good too. And thanks a lot for coming to check on us, and for your continuous support! =)=)

NafaSg said...

Hi Rozella!

Yeah good for u! But this one is a good catch too. Perhaps u would take it into consideration in time to come. And when u do, u know where to go to yeah? ;p

Mariuca said...

Hola NAFA! I'd love to make the switch one day, but blogspot is so much easier for me to handle, for now at least! ;)

Happy Tuesday and selamat berbuka to u guys! :):):)

NafaSg said...

Hello GP!!

Hehe! We know that. U have always been talking about owning a domain...but no worries, just take your time. This kind of things require substantial research.

Happy Tuesday to u too, and selamat berbuka!!! =)=)=)