Overcoming The Setbacks Of Menopause

Every woman has to deal with it every month, but all that would come to an end for her. That is when menopause sets in.

But the arrival of menopause does not indicate that she needs not suffer those unbearable muscle tensions and emotional roller coasters and syndromes. As a matter of fact, when one is on the verge of getting a menopause, she has to be prepared for more things to come.

Therefore, all women, especially those of you who are about to reach your golden years, should mentally and physically arm yourselves with the perils of menopause, and educate yourselves on the possible menopausal problems and ways to surmount them.

Let’s get started by recognizing some of the common symptoms that would signal to you that you are going to encounter menopause anytime soon:

1. Transformation of period patterns: your period may seldom occur or occur too often, may take too long or too short a time to stop, and may produce a heavier or lighter flow.

2. Flushes and sweats: You will feel a little too hot and even perspire at night. This could lead to lack of sleep.

3. Hair fall and facial hair growth: Your hair on your head will slowly begin to fall, while the hair on your face starts to develop.

4. Aridness in the vaginal area: This problem could cause one to lose interest and drive to carry out sexual intercourse with her partner.

5. Irregular heartbeats: Your heart will tend to beat too fast.

6. Emotional instabilities: You will tend to get easily depressed, even over the most trivial matters. Mood swings will start to take over your soul and you could be crying yourself to sleep almost every night.

7. Mental instabilities: You would not end up becoming senile, but as far as menopause is concerned, it can affect you mentally. You would feel that everything is so complex and have difficulties concentrating.

The symptoms may sound hard to handle, but in actual fact, they can. What you need is simply a healthier lifestyle that will act as your weapon to conquer menopausal problems. Let’s go in depth on what can be done to curb these symptoms in you:

1. Opt for a healthy diet. Eat more fruits, vegetables and anything rich in fiber, and cut down on those fat intakes. You should also include calcium products as part of your diet as calcium can strengthen your bones and allow you to stay fit even when the symptoms arise.

2. Mild exercises would help you pull through those times too. Keeping yourself physically active can actually help take away the pain of enduring menopause within you.

3. Reduce the amount of alcohol and caffeine. Too much of those could aggravate the symptoms and anxiety when facing menopause. Drink lots of water because this can reduce the amount of stress in you, thus keeping you free from depression and mood swings.

4. If you are smoking, you should quit. Here are some ways to quit smoking. If you can do so, you can gradually get rid of the hot flushes and be protected from being prone to major health diseases.

5. Consult a doctor to find out more about the problems you have with your irregular period and the medications that can be prescribed to aid you. A professional can also guide you on the treatments that would be essential for you.

So ladies, do not think that menopause marks the end of the world. There is still hope.

Remember, taking control over these menopausal symptoms starts with you!

-Nafa Danfad


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Rolando said...

I'm this is not fun for the women and her family. I know it wasn't for us. My mom went through it and it was one of the darkest times of our lives.

She didn't know what was going on and neither did we. I'm sure the medical world has better treatment for this mentally, physically, and emotionally.

Thanks for the tips!

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WaterLearner said...

The symptoms of menopause can really be no joke. I witnessed how my mom struggled and walked through this. In fact after quite a few years, my mom said that doctor said that she still has some symptoms of menopause. Aye! The price of being a woman?

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