The Importance Of Limiting Yourself

In our lifetime, we do feel the need to mould ourselves into good people. We wish to be able to do all the good deeds to others, and if possible, we do not want to portray a self-centered image in the eyes of others. Without a doubt, it would be very noble of someone to be able to lend a helping hand to those who are in need of one. It certainly would!

But what if those people whom you have offered to help are those who are apparently undeserving of your help? What if their pleas for sympathy from you are merely their gateways to taking advantage of you? This is where you will realize how essential it is for you to limit yourself in life.

It may be puzzling for some of you to learn that you have to limit yourself even when doing good deeds. But when you do so, you will find that you are constantly safe from unnecessary dangers and perils that you have to put yourself into just because you have done something good for someone.

While some people get indebted towards your sincerity in helping them and wish that they could repay you with a handsome reward, others would just walk away from you once they have squandered something from you, or worse still, put you into hot soup out of nowhere.

As someone who is always keen in being there for others, you would not ask for anything in return for sure. But just envisage how it feels like when you have poured milk for someone, and yet that someone gives you poison in return.

So one thing you should always bear in mind is that it is perfectly great to do all the good things in life, but do not submit yourself to people’s tears and pleas too easily either. Do not forget to think about your safety and well-being while helping others in their times of need.

Simply said, limit yourself.

Limiting yourself is also something you should apply to your life every time you go out there to enjoy life with others. It is never wrong to enjoy yourself with the company of your family members and friends. You can always go partying and dancing the night away. But a word of caution!

You should always remember not to go beyond the limits. Whether you believe it or not, too much of enjoyment, even for just a night, can change your lives forever, negatively.

Imagine yourself in a pub dancing to those upbeat songs that put you in a trance, and then without realizing, someone pours drugs into your drink. You drink it, and there goes your entire life! Your body is filled with drugs, and you may see yourself as a resident drug addict for life.

So before it is too late to say sorry, be safe. Limit yourself while having fun!

What about the occasional heated arguments between you and someone else? Don’t you think you should keep yourself at optimum level as well?

It is fine to emit your frustrations, as it will not do you any good if you bottle them up inside your heart. Still, you should not make the burning fire get too big. What would become of you if you end up throwing tantrums, banging and throwing items, and uttering those harsh words? And what would happen to those who are affected by your raging anger?

Would you want to see your loved ones and friends get hurt physically and emotionally as a result of your anger that is beyond control? So in such situations, you should also remember to limit yourself. Learn more about anger management.

That is how you can limit the anger in you.

So in every aspect of your life, limitations should always be observed. In that way, you can keep yourself in good shape, and still make others around you happy. It is indeed the philosophy of life that should be taken seriously.

Talking about limitations of life has surely reminded us of a meme that two of our lovely friends, Marzie and Jesse, have tagged us on.

Here is the trivia question that they have asked us:

What are the 5 gifts you would buy for yourself this Christmas, if you had unlimited income?

To us, the question sounds more like what we would indulge ourselves into if we were to have unlimited income at any point in time. Nevertheless, here are the five items we would pamper ourselves with:

1. Trips or getaways to the most exotic countries in the world, particularly Mauritius.
2. Issey Miyake and Anna Sui perfumes. For the NAFA girls of course!
3. Home theatre sets so that we need not travel all the way to the cinema just to catch our favorite movies.
4. A beautiful house for the NAFA team to stay in and hang out together.
5. More chocolates, nougats, and ice creams. We cannot live without them!

But frankly, if we were to have unlimited income, we would be glad to send our donations to all the charitable organizations out there, and also, purchase the best presents for our beloved blogging friends here. Hope that day would come!

What about you? Yes, all of you whom we are tagging to answer this question. We would love to hear from you!


Lee Chien




13 comments: said...

I think there will not have a perfect person in this world.

Mariuca said...

YAY! Finally can see NAFA's Christmas wish list! I lovvvvveeeee Issey Miyake, the bottle especially! Mine is finished oredi, must get another one soon! Speaking of Christmas wishes and pressies, I still have your Mariuca Raya Mug dearies... any takers yet?

Apple said...

Well done NAFA. Those are really good points to protect ourselves by limiting ourselves.

And thanks for the tag. I've done it.

WaterLearner said...

This is a good post. We can't give water to others so much that leaves ourselves thirsty.

Sani said...

Hi Nafa, already finished the tag. Pls have a visit. :)


Hello Cheerfulday...

U are spot on! Nobody's perfect, but we still have the ability to make things right. =)

Hello GP...

Oh yes! We cannot resist the Issey Miyake perfumes. Ours also have finished, must get new ones soon. Hehe!

And about the mug, we are still deciding who to keep the mug. Yes can u believe that? We actually took ages to decide on that. Guess that all of us wished to have a Mariuca mug each! LOL! ;p


Hello Apple and Sani...

Yay! So great to know that u have put up the tag. Will check it out! And be prepared for another tag from us. It's coming up pretty soon! =)

Hello Karen...

Your analogy about the water and the leaves is impressive. Definitely applicable to this issue. Thanks a lot for enlightening us! =)

JesseTheCat said...

I am surely hoping that you all get your wishes.If I had some unlimited income myself, I would buy all the perfume and chocolate that you wanted and hang out in that house with you guys !! But Hey, you forgot to add a little pizza to the list for me!


Hello Jesse!

Yay u finally get to see our post here!! And it would be super cool to receive chocolates and perfumes from u and to have u hanging out with us in our 'house'. Yeah! Then we all can have pizza together!!

Oh speaking of pizza, we did not forget your little pizza, our dear friend. We mentioned that we would buy the best presents for our blogging friends here, so in fact, we would like to get u a HUGE box of pizza for u to savour. LOL! We are really hoping that day would come coz we want to see our dear Jesse happily munching that pizza. =)=)=)

Rolando said...

It's always good to be mindful of your surroundings no matter where you are, even in your own home town.

Those are some nice 5 wishes. I'm sure Jesse would agree with #5 :)


Hello Rolando!!

Wow great to have u commenting on our post here. Oh yes Jesse would love chocolates, candies and all...and not forgetting pizza!

And u are absolutely right about being mindful of your surrounding area. Basically it is ok to do some things in your life, provided that u know your boundaries. =)

It's so great to see u here Rolando! Hope that all is well with u and your family. =)=)=)

JaMiLLa said...


Thanks for ur taggg....and also for remembering me...

I will do the tag the day before the xmas or during the day....

Will visit ur blog next time....

Happy advance xmassss!!!


Hello Jamilla!!

So nice to see u here again! Miss u a lot.

Take your time with the tag ok? Don't let the tag spoil your xmas. LOL!

Happy holidays to u too in advance! =)