Anger Management

There is never a day when nobody or nothing makes you angry. When you are a teacher, you would get mad with students who are overly mischievous. When you are a boss and your staff has breached your trust in him or her, you would feel upset. When you are a parent and your child disobeys you, you would get worked up.

Simply said, when someone is not fulfilling your wishes deliberately or something does not seem to go your way, that is when anger gets the better off you! But do not prolong it.

Prolonged anger can actually lead to mental disorientations. You would not be able to carry out your tasks or activities as planned as your mind is still cumbersome with the unpleasant situation. It can even affect you physically.

When you get angry, more of the face muscles are being used up compared to when you are smiling. This can make your face wrinkled and look older even at a young age. It also affects your blood pressure. Too much anger can apparently cause the shooting up of blood pressure.

Most of all, it is unhealthy for you emotionally. You would become less cheerful and even end up stabbing the hearts of other people around you, even though you were merely in the fit of anger. Nevertheless, it is still treatable. No worries!

Let's take a look at ways for you to manage your anger and revert back to your own self again…

q Stand or sit somewhere a bit further from where you were, and take deep breathes. Inhale and exhale slowly. This is one way of consoling yourself after having to grasp everything that makes you rage with fire.

q Drink some water or rinse your face. Water is meant to put the fire down anyway. So keeping your throat or face moist would be of great help for you.

q Find someone whom you can relate to about this. However, do not make him or her your punching bag. Keep your cool a little and talk it out gently.

q If you do not really have a confidante to talk to, you can jot it down on your personal diary. At least the anger has been transformed into words and you would feel a little bit consoled by then.

q Go to a place where you can feel the breeze blowing soothingly on your face. Lay your eyes on greeneries or the sea and you will be able to find a peace of mind and heart.

q Make use of your daily entertainment like watching television or listening to the radio. Watch a comedy to give yourself a good laugh. Listen to smooth tunes that can calm your body and soul. Like the songs here in our website!

q Smile it away. Putting a smile on your face would gradually remove the anger in you. Mingle around with people who would smile together with you.

There are some of us who seem to find anger management such a chore. Things do not go your way all the time, and some people just do not want to see you happy in life. But do not let these setbacks stop you from being the normal person you want to be. Be strong willed and positive in attitude, and you will stop anger from dominating your soul!

Let these tips help you escape from the raging fire in you. You can even share with us your experiences and other ways to manage anger. Perhaps you can talk it out to us whatever that makes you fuming, and we will gladly lend you our helping hands.


Mariuca said...

Hi Nafa! When I'm upset/angry, Phoebe my cat gives me comfort. All I have to do is hug that lil' fur ball and her flufiness will help me feel better! ;)

Jean Chia said...

When I'm angry, I calm myself down by reminding myself of the words of God. Bible said that anger will lead to sin. Becuase when you are angry, hurtful words are tend to slip off frm your mouth and actions that are unintentional may happen. :)

NafaSg said...

Hi gurls!

Thanks for sharing with us here on how u manage your anger.

There are actually thousands of ways to do so. Depends on the individuals. What's important is that it works for u!

Keep those comments pouring everyone! This is one topic where we all should share and learn from each other's experiences. =)

rlowe1980 said...

haha.. nice blog Nafa.. i like it.. i find listening to some hardcore rap calms my nerves when i'm really angry.. especially if i know the words.. i sing along and i release all my stress and tension through it...

NAFASG said...

Hi rlowe1980...

Yeah great idea! Even hardcore songs can let your hair down ya? =)

Anyway thanks for dropping by our website, and thanks for your comments for this article. More informative articles coming your way, so be on the lookout!

Have a nice day! =)

mr fong said...

This is a good post-- I remember reading one post where he encouraged ppl to smile just like you said.

This is becoz when you smile,it is a sign of positive thoughts and positive thoughts and negative thoughts cannot exist at the same time!

Take care lady Nafa and guys nafa.. :)