Women Are Always At The Losing End: True Or False?

It seems that this phrase has been recurrently used in drama series or movies, and it has certainly opened our eyes. Amazing how a few little words can get our minds thinking about it all day long. That phrase we are talking about is:

Women are always at the losing end

Yes, as some people would imply, if anything happens, women are always at the losing end. But one would question how this phrase could come about in the dictionary of phrases. In other words, why is it that when something breaks apart a relationship or marriage, women are the losers, and not men?

Let us go in depth into the phrase.

A man’s principal responsibility towards the woman is to support her, both financially and emotionally. He is best regarded as the stronger person who provides shelter from life’s stormy weather, and pretty much has a say in everything. So time after time, he may begin to realize that he has the power to do anything he wants and come what may, he would make certain that the woman would always stoop to his demands.

A woman’s responsibility, on the other hand, is to be the one to fill her man’s life with love and care, and most of the time be the water to put out the fire in him. As time goes by, she could end up being a slave for her man because when a woman loves a man, she would do anything for him, even at the expense of her happiness. She would cast aside herself only for him.

So what happens when the man asks for a break up, or files for a divorce? What consequences would the women have to put up with? And most importantly, would the women become the ultimate losers in this kind of matter?

Yes, they would.

Here is one example that can most clearly justify the answer to the questions. If there is a child involved in the entire picture, whether legitimate or illegitimate, he would not feel the obligation to take care of his child as much as the woman, because he was not the one who carried the child.

When he walks across the streets, no one would be able to tell that he is someone’s father. But as for the woman, she carried the child and she would be looked down on by her family, friends and the society, if she turns out to be an irresponsible mother to the child.

It is even worse if she got pregnant even before marriage. Imagine all the trouble she would have to undergo all by herself just because of her man’s doings. Doesn’t that make women the losers in a broken relationship or marriage? Isn’t the phrase ‘women are always at the losing end’ applicable to this? It is a thought provoking one.

On the contrary, the phrase is not applicable to all couples. For some, the women would triumph and the men would tumble and fall. This can happen especially when the women tend to take control of the relationship or marriage rather than the men. Such women are normally categorized as those who are more highly educated and come from richer and more powerful families, compared to their men.

Hence, they would take advantage of those facts to dominate everything and even decide things for the men. For such cases, the poor men are the ones at the losing end and being left to feel the constant intimidation towards their women.

All you fellow couples, whether married or still in the courting period, it is never good to make one of the parties at the losing end. The phrase may have seemed to be directing more to the women, but to us, we feel that both the man and woman should not emerge as losers.

Men should provide the women the true love and support. It is pointless to be earning loads of cash when you cannot even show how much you treasure them in your lives. As for the women, you may be well-educated and coming from a highly respected group of people, but always remember that you are women, and while taking pride in what you have achieved, you should never forget to give your love and respect to your men.

We have said enough. What about you? Have you got something to share with us about the phrase?

Do share with us.


Rolando said...

Hi NAFA, very interesting article indeed. I see your point.

As far, I don't see that women are always at the losing end. As you were alluding to towards the end of your post, it goes both ways.

I believe the loosing end does not discriminate. It doesn't matter whether you're man or woman, the loosing end will depend on how you handle the situation as a person.

There are many women out there who have turned the loosing end into an empire. They rock and their ex's are hating life, lol


Hello Rolando...

We were hoping u could come over and give your comments on this one coz we were eager to know how u would feel about it. =)

Yes u got it right. And that's what we felt too and wanted to put across to readers. While the phrase is applicable to some women, it is not to other women out there. We like how u mentioned that women who were once at the losing end turned their lives into an empire, whereas their ex's lives turned from bad to worse. Women possess the strength to start things new and fresh after all right?

Thanks for the comment pal! =)

Mariuca said...

False, women are not always on the losing end. Depends on how u see life and want out of it. Determination, will and strength are already within, it's only a matter of using them to your advantage to make sure you WIN! We women rock! ;)

ed said...

Once upon a time, perhaps this is more acceptable. However, with the establishment of the Women Chapter and such, the balance that it seeks to provide seems to be tipping on the complete opposite. Give the two examples below some thought...

1. Wife commits adultery and husband files for divorce. Court awards custody of children to the wife, and in most cases, the wife can still ask for maintenance for the children from her ex-husband. What IF the custody is handed over to the husband? Can the husband ask for the wife's fair share towards the kids?

2. Recently, one of the MP raised the issue of spousal rape. While I do not condone rape even to wives, what if a woman marries a man and refuses sex?

A divorced man do get "discriminated" in some ways too. In our traditional society, a man is not supposed to "whine".

Why do I know? I'm a divorcee myself. What we don't get to hear, doesn't mean it doesn't exist.


Hello GP!!

Yeah that's the spirit girl! Of course women can rock the world. Women have the natural born ability to overcome all their ordeals no matter how tough things are for them. Like u said, it is a matter of whether u want to use that ability to your advantage or not. Thanks for your opinions on this GP! =)


Hello Ed...

First and foremost, we are truly sorry to learn that u are a divorcee. We understand how hard this is for u, and we believe that u are one of those wonderful men out there who had never wanted to see your family ripped apart. We are very very sorry. But do not feel despair. U can always talk to us whenever u need a listening ear on this yeah? =)

We know where u are getting to. In this article, we too did not fully conclude that women are the ones who are always at the losing end, especially women these days. Like u said, it could have been more applicable to couples back in the old days, but it's a different story right now. U got it right actually.

Anyway, thanks for your opinions on this, and we really appreciate u educating us on this matter. We are always keen on learning new things here. And remember, we are here for u when u need a listening ear. Take care. =)

softboxes133 said...

Woman are mostly highly educated now compared to 10 yrs back. They are high fliers in the coporate world. When a marriage fails, woman may not be on the losing end, they can pack up n take things easily. They stand form with their strong will & determination, Woman now are also good at taking advantages to make sure we don't lose out!! :)

Janice Ng


Hello Jan!

Yeah u got the point. With the education and work opportunities that women have been receiving and their sheer determination to strive for the best, we doubt they would even have the time to brood over their guys. Unless they are too in love with their guys! But as mentioned in the article, women are born with the inner strength to carry on with their lives and they can take advantage of that if they want to. That's when they won't lose out in life, despite being left astray by the men.

Thanks for your opinions Jan! =)

Shinade said...

I have to agree with the majority here. Times have changed drastically in the last twenty five years or so. Women are better educated and much more capable of taking care of theirself.

I think the sad truth is that each individual looses something and that is tragic. Especially if children are involved.

It is just this kind of concern and these special articles that have always impressed me so very,very much.

You all are truly a community minded blog so please drop by and pick a little something that I have for your entire team.

Thanks for all that you do,



Hi Jackie!

Thanks for your opinion on this. Yeah we can see from the majority of responses, including yours, that everyone believes in the capabilities of the women of today. They stand proud for what they do and they stand tall for the obstacles they have to endure. We're glad u love this post from us.

Another award from Jackie it seems! U are too kind our dear friend. Thank u so much! Will check out what award u have for us this time. =)