The Art Of Keeping Yourself Optimistic

The ocean is so blue and calm, yet it has its fair share of tidal waves. The sky can shine the Earth with the Sun and the colorful rainbow, yet it can also bring darkness when clouds start to gather and rain starts to pour.

Life? We can be born rich and powerful, yet sometimes, we have to face the unpleasant music that life has in store for us.

Life is full of ups and downs and no matter where you stand amongst the rest, you are only human and you are bound to go through the darkest moments. Such moments can turn your life upside down, and worse still, bring you six feet under when you think that nothing can be done. But amidst all of this, whether we are rich or poor, there is one thing that we all are blessed with. The power of optimism! Optimism has been engraved in all of us, but it is up to you to realize it or not.

If you choose not to realize it, then you will continue your life by staying pessimistic. Your life will be filled with nothing but negativity and lack of faith in yourself. But if you choose to be optimistic, rest assured, you can overcome anything in this world. You need not be Superman or Wonder Woman to do it. It takes you to let your optimism materialize.

Here are some great ways for you to boost your self-esteem and keep yourself optimistic:

Kick off your days by thinking positive. Every day is a brand new day, meaning that there are new things that are awaiting you. These things can get you on the move and cheered up, thus making you forget about the sadness that was taking over your soul the days before. So in your daily life, you should always look ahead rather than turning back.

Get yourself all set to attain your goals. Focus on the hopes and dreams that you have set for yourself, rather than the times when you stumble and fall. In fact, those times when you stumble and fall should actually be taken in a positive light, and turn you into a better goal setter and achiever, thus making you better in person as well. That is how you can be optimistic in life.

Portray an image of yourself that can liven up your surroundings. Put a smile on your face, and display a more jovial outlook. As the saying goes, smile and the world will smile with you. This is true indeed, because people would perceive you as a confident person who takes pride in the things you do in your life, despite what others do to bring you down.

Do not blame yourself for every single thing that goes off beam. For instance, if a company rejected your job application, do not simply conclude that you are undeserving or incapable. Perhaps the interviewer was just having a bad day and he could not think straight! And perhaps you are worthy of a much better job out there compared to this one. That is how you should set your mind to think, and you ought to keep working on it instead of giving up hope.

Refrain from your circle of friends who have the tendency to inflict pessimism in you. They apparently do not do it on purpose, but sometimes this can happen when they often whine over their lives, which can somehow affect your drive to look forward in life. Mingle around with those who can always look on the bright side of life, and let you look at that direction as well. You can even learn from these people on how you can stay optimistic regardless of anything that befalls on you.

STOP assessing what you lack of as compared to others. For example, you are a teacher, and you have a friend who is a successful businesswoman. You may tend to look down on yourself because you do not own something unlike your friend, and it takes a longer time for you to earn your first million unlike her who can earn her first million perhaps within a year. But if you are a more optimistic person, you can always take advantage of the fact that you have the talent to teach and inspire children, whereas your friend may not have that talent.

In other words, you may not have what she has, but at the same time, she may not have what you have. So instead of reflecting on what you lack, reflect on what you are blessed with, and remember that some people may not be as fortunate as you and even wish to emulate you. After all, if everyone else can look up to you for what you possess in you, you should all the more be proud of yourself. When you love yourself and be proud of what you have, you are definitely someone with full of optimism.

Another tip to keep you optimistic? Start your day with a positive note by reading this article, and watch this informative video that shares with you more on the spirit of optimism, and a music video that can surely keep you standing straight and look ahead all the time.

(Informative Video)

(Music Video)

Remember, every cloud has a silver lining. Keep your pride alive and stay optimistic, and life can be so much better than you can ever imagine.


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Hello Mel and Colin...

Wow double the surprise for us! This is great. =)=)=)

Thanks a lot guys. Will come over to your sites soon. U guys sure know how to brighten our days. =)

Deborah said...

Great post! Found your blog via BlogRush! Have a great Monday!


Mariuca said...

Hello NAFA! I agree, every cloud has a silver lining, you just have to believe and have faith! Happy Tuesday guys! :):):)

WaterLearner said...

Hi Nafa,

This is a good one. Indeed, keeping an optimistic and enthusiastic attitude in life is very important. I also agree that one should avoid people who pour pessimism over you. I called such Toxic Friendship!!



Hi Deborah...

Thanks a lot for coming by and glad u like this post from us. Have a great day ahead too! =)

Hello GP...

Yes it is all within u. U choose to believe in yourself, and u can overcome anything. Nothing is impossible. U have a great Tuesday too, and hope your toothache has subsided today. =)


Hello Karen...

Haha! We like the sound of that. Toxic think that toxic is somewhat like is indeed true that any friend who throws pessimism on u is toxic!

Thanks for your comment Karen! Take care. =)

Rolando said...

Thanks for the reminder and for the great tips NAFA. If I could only remember to breathe some times I'd be ok.

Having a sense of humor helps too.


Hello Rolando!!

Great to see your comment on this one. Don't mention! This post is written based on our personal experiences and we thought we should share these tips to everyone out there, especially those who are currently trying to keep their heads up high despite their setbacks.

Oh u got a few good tips too huh? Thanks a lot! Yeah breathing would be an awesome idea to release all that has been bugging your mind and soul. And so does humor! U know what they say, laughter is the best medicine. =)

Bobby said...

This is a great post Nafa! I have had trouble staying optimistic all my life. Depression has taken it's toll on my attitude.

I learned that I cannot strive to be happy. Happiness is something that happens to people who live right, do good things, help and love others and do something beneficial with their lives.

Being optimistic is necessary to take us there. I especially like the point about not being jealous of others. Happiness is a choice, if we can be optimistic and find a reason to live well; we will find it with a huge smile!

Bobby said...

This is the 2nd comment I left on this post! I hope the 1st one is still intact.

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Hi Bobby!

Oh no worries, both your comments are intact, just that we took some time to put up all the comments we have received. Sorry about that. Hehe!

U are right! Simply said, do not get deeply affected by our surroundings. Just focus on yourself and the things that can make u happy and confident of yourself. And helping others do help too! It feels great when u can make others smile doesn't it? =)

Well, hope that one way or another, this post can help u regain the positive attitude in u and fight the depression that has been bugging u all the while. Even we sometimes need to read this to remind ourselves of that. We are all human after all. =)

Oh u gave us link love? That's nice. Thanks a lot! Really appreciate it. =)