Add Brightness To Your Web Advertising Experience With AdBrite

It is a bazaar specially designed for advertisers and publishers, and it is currently attracting up to 712 million impressions in a day from 39 084 different sites. What are we talking about?

We are talking about the one and only AdBrite!

AdBrite has become the all-time favourite site that so many advertisers and publishers have turned to for grabbing, not one, not two, but thousands of impressions from the ad placements in their sites.

Simply by looking at the number of impressions made in a day from various sites that is still counting, rest assured, AdBrite can help you achieve positive and successful monetization of the ads and the sites as well.

Want to know what AdBrite has to offer for advertisers?

Freedom to select your ad format
In AdBrite, advertisers can select from the following formats:
- text ads that let you gain earnings from Cost Per Click (CPC).
- banner ads that let you gain earnings from Cost Per Thousand Impressions (CPM).
- full-page ads that are displayed in full screen and, like banner ads, make you gain earnings from CPM.

Freedom to select targeted audience
AdBrite has a traffic estimator that will allow you to view the accurate amount of traffic within that targeted area and make your bid immediately. You can make use of aspects like demographics, geographical location, keywords and the content themes as your criteria to specify and reach out to your targeted audience quickly and precisely.

Make your own ads
You have the choice to make your own ads and make numerous additions or changes to the ads. AdBrite will keep you updated on the status of your created ads and will always display your best looking and most effective ads.

Option to change your bids
You can make changes to your bids on the basis of how well your ads have helped gain traffic.

Access to publishers’ sites where your ads are displayed
You are given the access to sites from various publishers where your ads are placed. This means that you can view and find out how your ads are performing based on the traffic coming in to those sites.

AdBrite has something to offer to the publishers too. What are they?

Freedom to select ad format
Just like advertisers, publishers too can choose their most favourable ad formats, ranging from text ads, banner ads and full-page ads. Full-page ads will only be displayed once a day for every user who visits your sites. You can choose to personalize text and banner ads the way you think would best fit in your sites, gain traffic easily and gain your chances of obtaining attractive payouts.

Capture advertisers’ attention
Visitors of your sites, particularly advertisers, can purchase the ads straightforwardly from your sites by clicking on ‘Your Ad Here’. Your sites will also be included in the list of sites in the AdBrite marketplace and AdBrite’s sales people will be there to help promote your sites too.

You decide what is best!
In AdBrite, you have the power to decide. You can write a review of the ad even before the ad is being displayed in your site. You can determine the cost of the ads for those who wish to buy the ads from your site.

And here is the catch! If AdBrite is unable to grant you the desirable income out of the ad placements, AdBrite will offer to help display ads from other similar networks, such as Google AdSense.

So would you like to rise to the occasion and give AdBrite a shot for an unforgettable money making success? Then get seated on your chair, turn on the computer and log on to to be a part of this incredibly dynamic advertising and publishing network.

Advertisers can begin your journey with AdBrite by selecting the criteria for your targeted audiences. As for publishers, you can kick-start your journey here as well simply by creating an account.

Watch this interview on Adbrite with the CEO himself, Philip Kaplan

With AdBrite, you have the power to decide what is best for the ads, the power to capture the hearts of your audiences and visitors, and the power to earn big bucks in a jiffy!

Join Adbrite now!


Rolando said...

I use this service for my other account. I have had a couple of bites, but no one solid yet. Still hoping. You need a real good nitch for this service.


Hey Rolando!

Yeah it actually applies to every advertising and publishing network out there. We as publishers would need to know more about the audience or traffic that we're targeting before putting an ad into place. But don't give up hope ok? Remember, slowly but surely. =)