View The World From Home With Google Earth

Google Earth
Ever dreamt that you can fly way up high and see how amazing the galaxy is? Ever imagined that you can obtain all the geographical details simply by clicking?Imagine no more because here comes the all-new Google Earth 4.2! Google Earth 4.2 lets you view Earth from the top and the wonders of everything that makes up this amazingly gigantic galaxy, and you can experience all that at whichever angle you want to view them from.

Best of all, you need not ride on a space rocket to make those dreams of your come true. All you need to do is click!

See The Sights Of The Sky
You can get to know in-depth about our Heaven’s dome and everything that takes place up there. It is definitely not just another blue sky!

With Google Earth 4.2, you can discover the lifecycle of the stars, see the constellations and view the planets up close using the Hubble Space Telescope. Unbelievably astonishing!

View Images At High Resolution
3D topography and buildings are fun to watch, but at Google Earth 4.2, you can even view high-resolution photos on 3D!

The photos are in line with the topography, meaning that you can view the 3D images closely and clearly, giving you a more real-life experience when entering the 3D world. The photos and updated contents like traffic can all be found in the Layers menu.

The 3D images are looking better than ever. They are of higher quality and look more realistic, even for those images of hilly areas. It makes the 3D world look like the real world that you are in right now!

You have to check this out!

Search And Share Geographical Details
Searching and sharing geographical information at Google Earth has been brought to a whole new level. At Google Earth 4.2, you can view your vacation or hiking expedition pictures that are uploaded directly from your GPS, covers of your personal images, and huge geographical data collections that you have.

Another feature to look forward to is its ability to tell you how the world evolves from a period of time to another by means of eye-catching animations. All you need to do is create the time of the data and Google Earth 4.2 will do the rest!

Watch the video to find out how Google Earth 4.2 works.

Google Earth 4.2 gives everyone an out-of-this-world experience that none can give. Come and get intrigued by the natural beauty of our world and galaxy. Visit the website and download your Google Earth 4.2 for free!

Open your eyes wide and feel the Earth, the planets and the galaxy coming your way, and be a geography whiz in no time, with the revolutionary Google Earth 4.2.


Rolando said...

Google Earth is such a cool piece of technology. I used it and I still see that our area is surrounded by farm area.

I guess that's a good thing for Home Land Security reasons. :)


Hey Rolando...

Yes true indeed! Perhaps Home Land security is also one of the reasons why Google Earth is created.

U are using Google Earth? Great! A useful tool to download. Worth it! =)

FL Sam said...

Amazing what technology can do! What next!!!

Downloading Google Earth take up quite a lot of space.

What a coincident,I also just posted a post that relate to Google Earth. The Singapore Driving Directions on Goggle Map. :)


Hello Flsam...

Yeah technology is just getting better than ever. Oh we should check out your post too! Coming over! =)

Shinade said...

Oh my I can't even get on the computer when my husband is home. thanks to Google Earth....he loves it!!~Jackie


Hi Shinade!

Wow glad your husband likes it. It is really useful! Oh but we are sure that he will let u use the computer soon. =)

Shinade said...

Thank you for dropping in...I happen to think you guys are the best thing since sliced bread..LOL!! Would you please drop back by at ? I have a little something for you. Hugs,Jackie

Jos said...

Hi nafasg, you have been tagged by Santa’s Community Blog in a Collective Christmas Meme. Hope you can find a way to participate!

Windyridge said...

Yeah Google earth is pretty cool. I will have to check out this new release.


Hey Shinade...

Wow something for us? U always have surprises for us. How sweet! Ok will come over. =)

Hey Jos...

Thanks for the tag. Will check it out. =)

Hi Windyridge...

Yes we agree with u and it is definitely worth checking out. Thanks for reading this article! =)