Don’t Get Yourself ‘Stabbed At The Back’

Every Rose Has Its ThornsEvery rose has its thorns. And so do people.

A person may be pleasant in his or her outward appearance and even show a pleasant disposition when he or she is right in front of our very eyes. But every front has its rear.

Apparently our eyes are only able to view the front side of things, but not the back. And ever thought that someone, whom you have seen as pleasant from the front, could be horrid from behind?

Heard of back-stabbers? Yes, these are people who actually possess good qualities from the front view, but possess bad qualities and use them against you from your back. In this kind of situation, the only thing we can do is to always turn our back around and start being vigilant.

In actual fact, we have the power to distinguish between a sincere and genuine person and a backstabbing devious person.

A back-stabber would establish a friendship with you without any hard feelings being implanted inside their hearts. All goes well, until there comes a time when you have achieved a goal that he or she has yet to attained. That point in time will reveal all of his or her true colours.

In other words, that time will determine whether he or she established the friendship out of integrity and sincerity, or that the friendship was just a joke.

A back- stabber will begin to distant himself or herself from you, and after that find ways to bring you down. He or she may start off in a smaller scale at first, but as you achieve greater success, his or her jealousy and animosity will develop even further and you may never know what other bigger plans he or she can have to ‘battle’ against you behind your back.

Not only that, if you were to seek help from him or her, he or she would politely give thousands of excuses for not being able to help, when the truth is that he or she simply refuses to help.

A truthful and earnest person would never create any barrier between you and himself or herself. Regardless of whether you are more successful or not, he or she would share your joy and happiness, and would not bear any kind of hostility towards you. And of course, if you were to seek help, he or she would readily be there to help you.

Rather than being backstabbed, it is better to have someone to simply be upfront about his or her displeasures towards you, isn’t it? The same thing can be applied to the blogosphere.

If there is really something that one is not convinced about the other, he or she should express his or her honest opinions, and then work things out with the other. Yes, having to bear with someone’s harsh opinions is hard, but having to deal with someone’s backstabbing ways is even harder.

Be VigilantTherefore, to all our readers and bloggers, our advice to all of you is to be conscious about who your archenemies from behind are, and who your true friends are. Truth always prevails!

All you have to do is to stay alert, and beware of these sneaky back-stabbers.

Our good friend, Bobby has wrote an excellent post. A post that can makes you think even deeper on the topic. Read more on Blogging For Humanity: My Most Important Post


Rolando said...

Thanks for the reminder NAFA! We should all be careful and smart about who we interact with on and offline.


No problem Rolando! Yup we agree with u that we should always keep our eyes wide open when talking to people. =)

Mariuca said...

Thank u NAFA. Yes, I've been backstabbed before and of course the feeling sucks. Am learning to protect myself better now, it's good to have friends like u to look out for me as well! Love NAFA!!!

Genie Princess


Hey Marzie....

Oh no problem! Yeah we know how it feels to be backstabbed. Some of us here had faced this before. We don't like it, and we don't want any of our good friends to face it too. So don't worry! We are always here for u ok? =)

Shinade said...

Thank you NAFA ....I hate to say it but I have had the experience also. As of late I think I may even be experiencing a little from some corners. I try hard though and thank you for this wonderful article!!~Blessings of Peace~jackie


Hi Shinade...

No problem! Just want to make sure that out fellow friends here are safe from all the backstabbers out there. They are dangerous people. Some of us had our experiences too.

Glad u like this article. =)

Mariuca said...

Yay! Makes me feel so much better knowing that u got my back! LOVE NAFA lots! Happy eating later tonight to those of u who are fasting! :):):)

Genie Princess


Hello Marzie...

Good to know that we can make u feel better. Of course we always want to see u happy because u make us happy all the time! Love ya Marzie! *hugs*

Selamat berbuka in advance to u too! =)

Bobby said...

Great post Nafa! I try to do things a little backwards. I'm friendly to everyone but it takes time to get to know me and build trust. I in turn, take my time getting to know them.

Sometimes you hit it off well with people too. I have found that when this happens it's easier to drift apart. If I really hit it off wll with someone and I have a good feeling about them, I make sure to keep in touch.

Like a explosive instant romance can quickly fizzle, we should really make an effort with people in this case.

Thanks Nafa!!!!


Hi Bobby,

Friendship comes with sincerity.

Drifting apart is the cause of one's jealousy of one's success or achievements.

You can see it in their actions via their responses and conversations.

I agree with you on your last words, we should make friends with these people, provided you dont have to feel obliged all the time =)

Thank you, Bobby. You rock our world!

ed said...

A good friend of mine is actually a professional magician. She has this act with her dad entitled "Things Are Not What They Seemed..."

The moment I read this post, that's the first impression I get. This saying has lived with me for more than 7 years, and putting it on people whom I have crossed paths with - what you described about back-stabbing is very true. That smiling face could be the worst weapon you have ever come across.


Hi ed...

This article sure has created some kind of impact on u. It is coincidental that you lived with that phrase adopted by your friend's dad who is a magician, and that we have written about back-stabbing which also adopted that phrase. U are absolutely spot on when u said that a smiling face could be the worst weapon anyone could ever come across! We agreed because we endured all that too.

Thanks for reading this article. Glad that u like it! =)