Safety Precautions When Chatting Online

It surely swoons you when someone expresses his or her eagerness to stay in touch with you online, and with the existence of a syndrome called computer addiction, you can expect yourselves to be getting the hang of it once you set foot in the chat room.

You may think that chatting online with that man or woman gives you all the essential knowledge of his or her life, personality and whereabouts, but you will soon realize that you have known almost nothing of this person.

In fact, it should not be called online chat. It should be termed as offline chat instead! Why? Because you are conversing with someone who is invisible in your eyes, and whose voice is unheard of by your ears.

This is actually the principal reason as to why chatting with someone online is the place where falsifying of information is of high probability. You would see yourself regretful for getting yourselves involved in an online chat!

But you would not wish for that day to arrive right? So you got to make certain that you would not be in the clutches of those troublemakers in your chat room. What should you do then?

Take note of the following tips below:

 Whatever that you type in the chat window will be visible to anyone who is having a conversation with you in that window. So if there is a conversation between more than two people, be careful of what you disseminate in the chat room. Do not expose too much information that is meant to be confidential! You may never know what they can do to that precious information that you have given for free.

 Select a screen name that does not denote your personal details like your real name and gender. Be a bit more discrete with your personal information when setting your screen name.

 NEVER give away your name, contact numbers, address, passwords and especially, bank account details, in a chat room. You would not wish for your valuable demographic information to be tampered just like that.

 Say NO to files, downloads and URLs that you receive from unknown sources. They can be sources of transmission of viruses to your computer software or Internet!

 Refrain from making appointments with someone whom you have been chatting with and yet have never met in person. You may not be able to face the reality if you were to discover that he or she has been faking his or her identity!

 Do save copies of your online conversations after finishing your last sentence with the person you chatted with. These copies can be concrete evidences that you can present to the authorities should you feel dubious about the culprit.

 Learn how to give an account of your chat room problems with the administrator. It can save you a lot of trouble for yourselves.

 Always be reminded of your Internet ethics! Never blurt out vulgarities or ignite the fire in your online conversations. You could be paying a heavy price for doing so.

In life, you should not go beyond the limits. The same principle should be applied to online chats. So remember, enjoy online chats, but never indulge too much in them!

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spookygrace said...

sometimes it found danger when chatting with those stranger. BUT, i think i jus enjoy the whole conversation everytime i chat with them. As long as I keep my self as secret, and just simply design a nickname for myself. Why not chat with them? Maybe, they are professionals people, and get a lot of ideas from them.

BUT, have to know the basic safety rules when chatting.. =)


Hello spookygrace!

Yup true enough. Even we enjoy chatting online. It is enjoyable for sure as long as we do it carefully. It's good that u also can look at it that we are chatting with professionals whom we can learn from. =)

ed said...

Very good advice I must say. Online chats have taken a whole new perspective from the past. More and more crimes are either sparked off, initiated or somewhat involved certain IT elements in the form of data transfer and discussion. From my previous job, alot of investigations digs deep into initial contact - online.

Personally from private experience, I hold great importance over chat logs, particularly MSN chats. Unfortunately, I had to use it against someone some years back. Online users should learn how to protect themselves, every little bit of information can be traced.

Rolando said...

Again, good tips NAFA! Is so easy to give information away to friendly people.

It's good to know where to draw the line.

Bobby said...

I don't really participate in online chats but I think safety should be a #1 concern for anyone who does. I only chat with folks who I know through blogging. I do give my real name and contact information for anyone to see. However, in blogging, it would be much harder for a dark character to get away with thing because maintaining a blog is a lot of work! I know all my friends are good people and I use my gut instinct as a guide. Women and children do have to be careful, especially in pure chatting. I don't have children, but when I do, they won't be chatting with anyone unless I am there:)


Hello ed...

Thanks for acknowledging our article here. It's great to know that u can take in our advice here, but we think that what has made u so much more conversant in the secrets of online chats are your experiences in chatting online. Well, it is natural that we will learn more through experiences. =)

Hello Rolando...

Yup that is true. It is good to be friendly, but not that good to overdo it. =)

Hello Bobby...

U would surely make a great father who would protect your wife and kids from these dangers! Hehe! And yes, whatever we do, safety comes first. Chatting online is no exception. =)

Apple said...

This is a very good guide, NAFA. I enjoyed online chatting (from text chatting to voice chatting) many years ago when I was first introduced to the Internet. I was too young and too innocent to know the risk in within. I'd not been cheated but I don't have the interest of pure chatting anymore. haha.

Well, nowadays a lot of people blog. But I still have to say, do not expose too much of your personal information in your blog, for safety sake. Unless you have a private blog that only give access to certain people. Because you know once things go online, anyone can access to it. ^^

Have a nice day~


Hello Apple...

Yes safety comes first. We can always enjoy chatting, but we should be more vigilant.

Thanks for your opinions! =)

nisha said...

hmm i dont chat anymore!! hehe

btw ur tagged:) hope you enjoy ur new and next task so visit my blog for more...


Hi Nisha...

Hehe! So guess u don't need to worry abt being 'stalked' in the Internet.

Anyway will try to work on the tag. Thanks.