PC or MAC?

PC or MAC?The question of the day… no it is not ‘To be or not to be? ’The question we are talking about is, ‘PC or Mac?’ It goes without saying that PC and Mac have dominated the world of technology for decades and have created a huge impact on the lives of many. The impact is so great that it has even brought about stiff competition between users of these two. Millions worldwide have actually created a controversy that has taken by storm, and that is whether PC is better than Mac, or vice versa.

But we are not going to compare them. We are just going to share with you what PC and Mac have to offer respectively.


HP Pavilion A1730N Desktop PCWith Windows Vista and Windows XP has offered the brand new ClearType technology, which allows text to display in a more edgy way.

This technology utilizes the power of pixels and sub-pixels that are handled individually, to provide astonishing text with high clarity and brightness similar to a printed text. With ClearType, the period of time needed to read the text is shortened by 10%.

HP Pavilion A1730N Desktop PC (AMD Athlon Processor 4600 Plus, 2 GB RAM, 320 GB Hard Drive, SuperMulti DVD Drive, Vista Premium)

In PC, you can find an absolutely wide range of software ranging from office applications to the latest video editing software such as the updated version of Adobe. During these few years, PC has been taking a step forward in providing all the various software that are in great demand among the frequent users of the computer, making PC the place that users can turn to for convenience in completing their tasks, whether they are simple office documents or graphical and animated projects.

In terms of performance, PC has been showing vast improvements on the speed of the loading of the different applications. The desktops and laptops are sold at exorbitant prices, you can expect high price being equivalent to high quality from a PC. Sometimes prices for PC desktops and laptops can be lowered if they are sold straightforwardly to the end users rather than going through retail stores.

Nevertheless, with the outstanding software availability including for removal of viruses and spyware, and the superb performance that has been improving over the years, it is worth paying a high price for PC.

Apple iBook Notebook 14The display of the text in Mac has a certain edginess that has already been built-in. One does not need to load an application manually to be able to view and read the text clearly. Mac has it all. Its text is also displayed in a bright and vibrant way that caters to the needs of those who want to create some life in their usage of computer.

Visit the Mac stores and your eyes will never miss out on the slick and stylish laptop designs that Mac has to offer. These laptops are lightweight and, in a way, suit the tastes of all kinds of generations, especially the younger ones.

Apple iBook Notebook 14" M9627LL/A (1.33 GHz PowerPC G4, 256MB RAM, 60GB Hard Drive, Combo Drive, Built-in AirPort Extreme)

If you are a graphics designer, a video editor or an animator, Mac is the one you would be rooting for. You will come across an assortment of applications related to graphics that can help you produce top-notch presentations of your work. Best of all, you can make use of these applications at ease because Mac is normally free from spyware and viruses, thus being prevented from computer crashes.

All these can be obtained by a user at quite cheap prices. Prices are still high due to the fashionable designs of the laptops and desktops, but the operating systems are normally cheap. So that makes Mac computers affordable for all.

Which Is Better?
You are probably wondering right now about which is better. PC or Mac? Everything has its pros and cons. PC and Mac are no exception! But ultimately, to decide whether you should opt for PC or Mac, you should analyze yourselves in terms of your working needs, daily needs and the materials you would require to complete your tasks effectively.

There is no need for us to be debating over which is better. Think about this! Bill Gates, the man behind Microsoft, and Steve Jobs, the figure behind Mac, are apparently good friends, despite the tough competition between them.. Watch the video "If you are neutral about both" below. So we need not create any controversial situations about it after all. At the end of the day, all you need to do is just come to a decision as to which of these two would cater most to your overall needs.

So have you made your decision? What do you think of this? Are you for PC or for Mac? Or are you neutral about this?

If you are for Mac, watch and enjoy this video of Mac.

If you are for PC, watch and enjoy this video of PC.

If you are neutral about both, just sit back and enjoy this video.


Bobby said...

Nice post Nafa! When I think Mac, I think Apple. One of my idols is Steve Wozniak the designer of the 1st PC. He wrote the plans on paper and built the computers in his parent's garage from scratch! He is one of the first hackers and is who I consider to be the greatest of all hackers. Hackers built the internet!

Personally I think a Mac is superior to a modern "PC". It is because the operating system is UNIX based. I think Linux (which is a UNIX kernel written in C programming language) is the best OS. Linux runs on all platforms including PC's and Macs. Another great Nafa post!:)


Hi Bobby...

First commenter here! Well it's true that UNIX based operating system is currently the advanced technology used by Mac, which does explain why Mac has been dominating the technology world. Still, there is a tough competition between Mac and PC.

Anyway thanks for this useful piece of information! Another thing about Mac that we all can learn about. =)

So Steve Wozniak is your idol? Cool! Perhaps u should write a post about him so that everyone would know the face behind the first PC.

Well, glad to hear from u Bobby! =)

Shinade said...

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Hi Shinade...

Wow something for us? Ok will come over. Don't mention! It was a great pleasure helping someone so wonderful like u. =)

Adrian said...


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Hello Genie King!

As requested, we have collected the Totally Fabulous award from u. We thank u for the award. Really appreciate it. =)

Mariuca said...

Hi NAFA, wah now only ur picking up GK's award? He he he... NAFA!!! I think I'll stick to PC but B will be getting a Mac soon! I was just telling Nick the other day that I'm not sure what's the difference bet the 2, thanks for da article! :):):)


Hello Genie Princess...

Guess we were caught up with the updating of the blog that we collected the award a bit late. Hehe!

Ok so one vote for PC there. Actually both are outstanding in their own ways. Perhaps your B is getting a MAc because of his work which requires uploading of photos and stuff. Mac is good for that! But it also can be done with PC. So like we said, both are outstanding. =)

Rolando said...

I wish I knew more about MACs. They look cool, but there's no right click. What is up with that?

Sorry I'm a PC man :)


Hey Rolando...

Ah so now we all know that Rolando is a PC Man. Yes true enough that Mac does not have a right click.

Oh well to each is own. =)

FL Sam said...

I have both PC and Macmini but seldom use the Mac much. Too used to PC.

Mac have their diehard supporters.


Hello Flsam...

So u use the PC more often than Mac? So we presume that u are more of a PC person. But it is alright of course, because PC has lots to offer to its users.

And it's true what u have said abt Mac having its supporters. That is why we can easily conclude that both PC and Mac are dominating the world of technology. =)

AntiBarbie said...

I would have liked to try out a mac but I just have too much money invested in PC software to make the leap. My boyfriend built a Linux Box though and it's pretty neat ;)

Mariuca said...

Hi NAFA! Yeah, B will be using it for his presentations and stuff! He does use a lot of graphics too, anyway I can't wait to see his Mac! :):):)


Hi Antibarbie...

Oh yes a Linux Box is cool! And we know what u mean. U have been spending a whole lot of money on PC software, so u will have to wait a little longer to get a Mac. But u can get one if u know how to allocate your expenditures. =)

Hi Marzie...

Yup we can tell he needs loads of graphics for his presentations, so Mac is a good choice indeed. =)