The Famous White" Winnie The Pooh" Bear Alive

KnutPolar bears are probably the most adorable creatures of the world. Who can resist their white and fluffy fur and the way they move about in the cold winter?

They can sometimes resemble a snowman that can move. But there is definitely more to these grizzly bears that we should get to know about. The most prominent feature of the polar bears is the white fur, which is there for two reasons.

First of all, the fur provides warmth to them, which explicates why they are able to survive in extremely cold conditions in the Arctic. Secondly, the whiteness of the fur actually helps them to camouflage with the surrounding area, so that they will be safeguarded from hunters and enemies.

Besides the white fur, they also have short tails and tiny ears that apparently prevent loss of heat, and small heads and long conical bodies that allow them to swim in the waters. They will make good use of their stay under the cold conditions by hibernating, which actually helps them preserve much energy that they will need to survive in the cold.

These are the things that make polar bears one of the most distinctive creatures around. And Germany was the luckiest country in the world to have a polar bear living and breathing in their Berlin Zoo, which became a world phenomenon early this year. Yes, we are talking about Knut!

Knut was born on 5 December 2006 in Berlin Zoo. Its mother, Tosca, was a polar bear that used to be part of a circus act in Germany. Unfortunately, Tosca abandoned Knut on a rock at the polar bear compound. Knut was found and saved by zookeepers of the Berlin Zoo and has since been staying alive for more than thirty years.

Knut And ThomasFortunately for Knut, a zookeeper named Thomas Dörflein voluntarily took over its mother’s role of raising it up to where it is today. Thomas has been showing a tremendous amount of compassion for it by feeding it with sufficient cat food, vitamin food and bottles of milk. In fact, Thomas would even go to the extent of serenading Elvis Presley’s songs to put it to sleep. Kudos to Thomas for being an exceptionally kind zookeeper!

Knut finally made its public appearance at the Berlin Zoo on 23rd March 2007, being watched by thousands of visitors of the zoo, ranging from the young to the old. Tourists also came to view the antics of this unique creature, as well as a massive group of 400 journalists and reporters from all over the world. Thomas earned a spot as Germany’s household name, for being its caretaker.

Watch This Video Report From CNN And PROSIEBEN


Rolando said...

oh how cute Knut is. I want two just like him :)


Hey Rolando...

That's the plus point about polar bears. They are simply irresistible!!!

Haha! We'll try to get two for u ok? =)

Bobby said...

Knut sure is cute and so fuzzy!!! I want one too as long as he stays little!

Polar bears are even larger than Grizzly bears and I would not want to run into a fully grown polar bear in the wild, that would be frightening to say the least.


Hi Bobby,

Its been almost 2 years now since Knut was born on 5 December 2006.

The cute Knut now has already grown to a big polar bear.

But it is still lovable, watch this video of the full-size grown Knut playing with a ball..

~Have fun watching~ =)