Tutorial 2 : Changing Blogspot Layout With Free Templates

Every website/blog has its own unique style as all blogs differ in terms of the source codings that are created or designed.
This tutorial will show you easy step by step instructions on how to change to a new layout.

What Are Templates?
Before we begin, here is a brief explanation on the term ‘template’.
A template is a tool source pre-designed by professionals which will determine how a specific website/blog looks and appears like with accordance to the design.

Why Do I Need A New Template For?
A good template will give the "look and feel" to your blog/website pages, which can impress your visitors and readers. It is similar to “renovation” of your house or “modifications” to your car by adding the extra built-in features respectively.
The idea of having a new template varies from one user to another. Some change their templates to allow for easier navigation for the visitors, while others do so to project their personalities. As the saying goes, first impression counts.

Will It Affect My Old Posts?
No. As long as you do not click on the DELETE YOUR BLOG button in your Settings, you should be on safe grounds. Modifications to the HTML will not affect your older posts. Your posts are saved in BLOGSPOT database. That is for the case of posts. What about widgets? Some pre-designed templates may automatically delete your widgets, so do be careful when changing the overall layout.

What Are Widgets?
Links, archives and miscellaneous scripts that are embedded from other sources in your blog are considered as widgets. The reason why some of your widgets may be deleted are the source codings that do not support them initially. But fret not because you can re-add your deleted widgets once your pre-templates have been installed.

Getting The Right Template
This is very important. Blogspot provides an intelligent layout feature with moving elements which has made blogging experience easier even without you having any knowledge of HTML or CSS. Therefore it is best to find pre-templates designs that offer the same feature for easier use.

Installing Your New Template

Sign in to your Blogspot Account! Once you have done so, you can proceed to carrying out the instructions below:

Step 1 : Switch to TEMPLATES on the navigation bar and hover down to EDIT HTML.

Step 2 : Back up your original template by downloading the FULL Template. (You may want to refer to our tutorial on how to back up your template here.)

Step 3 : Search for your suitable templates. Download them and save the templates of your choice to your desktop computer.
(See Annex A below for the recommended templates for your blog)

Step 4 : Browse for the template that you have saved earlier.

Step 5 : Once found, click on the Upload button.

Step 6 : Some of you might encounter this. Refer to the information about ‘What Are Widgets?’ above in the earlier part of the article. Click on CONFIRM AND SAVE. Once it is saved, you can view your blog and see the change in your layout.

You may now choose to rearrange your templates according to your preferences by navigating the to Template button on your dashboard.

That’s it. Have fun redesigning your blog.


Search for the new blogger version or XML templates unless you are familiar with classic templates.

Changing File Extensions
Some files that are downloaded are in zip format. After unzipping, you may discover that the extension to the file where the codes are stored are in .txt, meaning that it is in text document or notepad format. You need to change the file extension name to .xml .

Double click on the text file: FILE -->SAVE AS. Under FILENAME, add .xml after the file name. A new file icon will appear.

The saved template should look something like this. xml file

List Of Codes Shown On Browser
At times, the downloaded link will show you a list of codes. It will not work if you copy and paste to your HTML unless specified by the designer.

From your browser, click FILE --> SAVE AS (Ensure the file is save as .xml. If it is not in .xml format, see changing file extensions above). Once done, save it to your computer.

Then proceed to Installing Your New Template. Refer to earlier post above.

Annex A

(**Please read the instructions for your preferred templates by the designers on how to download the files to your computer.**)


Free Blogger Skins

Gecko And Fly

Blog Crowds


Blogger Templates

Free Templates

Template Panic

Web Talks

(The recommended sites have been tested by us and proven to be workable)

Do inform us if there are any broken links or if there are any recommended sites that you would like to share with us.

We will keep the list updated once we receive those recommended links from you and also provide you with more of these workable templates sites.

Thank you.

Do stay in touch with us for more tips on blog designing.


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