The Magic Touch Of Apple iPod Touch

You can listen to your favourite music, and see your favourite videos, snapshots and websites. But do you know that you can touch them too, with your own fingers? Indeed you can, with the all-new Apple iPod Touch!

The Apple iPod Touch may be small in size, but big on the power of its touch. The models can hold up a great amount of files with capacities of 8GB and 16GB, and you can enjoy all of those at the most attractive prices too! Come and take a tour with us as we bring you into the world of Apple iPod Touch and share with you all about its amazing features.

Multi-Touch Interface
All thanks to this state-of-the-art feature, you can take full charge of your life’s entertainments with your own fingers. By just using your fingers, you can browse through your albums with Cover Flow, flip through your pictures and broaden them to produce the clearest and most enhanced pictures, and even get a closer view of your web pages whenever you want to. You can also make use of the touch-screen QWERTY keyboard to surf the web with Safari, find your favourite videos in YouTube, search for the best hits in iTunes Wi-Fi Music Store, and insert your contacts.

The iPod Touch is also equipped with the ambient light sensor that creates intensity in your iPod when you are browsing through your files or web pages. Best of all, battery life can still last for a longer period, thus enhancing your experience using it! On top of that, it also has a built-in accelerometer, which can spot whether you swiveled your files and web pages from portrait to landscape mode and mechanically alter the way the contents display. With that, you can view your files and web pages the way you want to without any hassle at all!

3.5-Inch Wide Screen Display
Entertainment cannot get any better than this! This 3.5-inch wide screen display lets you enjoy your music and videos to the maximum.

With the amazing Cover Flow, you can simply use your fingers and take your pick among your collection of albums. Once you have found your desired album, tap the album and you will see a list of tracks that you can choose from. Just another tap, and you are all set to take pleasure in your favourite tunes!

View your most wanted list of movies, television shows and music videos with the 3.5-inch display. It is just as great as watching them on a big screen! You can opt for a full screen to enhance your viewing experience, all with just a touch of your finger.

The iPod Touch can store up to 20,000 photos that you transfer using iTunes. Again with your fingers, you can select from all the thumbnails and view them on full screen mode. You can even view slideshows and let the music accompany the slideshow, or set any of your favourite snapshots as wallpaper.

Wi-Fi Web Browser
With the iPod Touch that is so compact, you can get in touch with the web wirelessly and view your web pages conveniently without worrying about how the pages are presented on the screen.

The integrated Apple’s Safari browser lets you surf the web conveniently wherever you go. You can transfer your bookmarks to the iPod Touch, surf the web all with the touch screen keyboard, and get a more up close view of your pages using the multi-touch function.

Good news for all YouTube fanatics. The iPod Touch has a built-in YouTube browser just for you. You can search for videos and run them the way you would using the normal YouTube. The videos can even be saved as bookmarks for you to view the next time round.

iTunes Wi-Fi Music Store
You need not travel to any CD shop to look for the latest albums and hits. You can do all that with a tap of your finger! You can visit the iTunes Wi-Fi Music Store to purchase your favourite tunes. Choose to sample the tunes first or immediately buy the tunes just by touching the screen right in front of your eyes.

Check out the Starbucks Music Store too! As you are enjoying a sip of your mocha or latte, you might just happen to listen to a fine song that you cannot get enough of. Just let your desires out! Visit the Starbucks Music Store and purchase those tunes all in the palm of your hand.

Let's watch the new revolutionary Apple iPod Touch

Enticing isn’t it? So get yours today! It is that easy, and is cheap too!
See, hear and touch entertainment, with none other than the Apple iPod Touch!

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The Apple iPod Touch

Apple iPod Touch Best Prices

1. Apple 8 GB iPod Touch At $299
2. Apple 16 GB iPod Touch At $399


Sweetpea said...

sorry i haven't been hopping as much, but just want to say hi and have a nice weekend :)

FL Sam said...

I have one old Ipod. This new touch screen is cool and with so many new stuffs. I may consider upgrading when it is launched in Malaysia. :)

Rolando said...

Wow, those new iPods are sweet! Too bad I just got mine less than a year ago.

Woops I just dropped it. Guess I need a new one hahaha

Great review NAFA!

J@n!ce said...

I've got the ipod nano. Hardly use lah. The price you state there is in usd I suppose? I phone is really cool, but I don't think I could afford anymore gadgets at the moment. Nice to see but no money to buy... hehe ;p

Janice Ng


Hi sweetpea...

Thanks for taking time to visit our site. Have a nice weekend!

Hi Flsam...

Yup! The newer it gets, the more cool stuffs u can expect. We definitely would recommend u to buy it once it is available in Malaysia. =)


Hi Rolando...

Hahaha! That's a good one from u. Trying to get your hands on this brand new one by dropping your old one...on purpose that is. ;p

But no harm keeping two iPods. So just grab the chance alright? =)

Hi Jan!

Well don't worry too much abt the cost in USD. Once it is launched in Singapore, we will find out the price ok?

For now u can start saving up. And u need not buy too many gadgets at one go after all. We are sure u will own a new gadget someday! =)

Bobby said...

Very nice review Nafa! I cannot buy one because I am saving for a new Apple home pc! I never thought about buying an Apple pc because of the price. Microsoft has permanently lost me as a customer because of vista. I don't want them having the power to look through all of my files at will:)

keeyit said...

I do not fancy on iPod touch. BUT my friends want to buy it..


Hello Bobby...

Thanks a lot. Oh...that's too bad for them i guess. But anyway right now just focus on saving up for the new Apple home PC ok?

Hello Keeyit...

Perhaps if one of your friends were to buy an iPod Touch, u can take a look at how good it is and get feedback from your friend. Then u can consider whether to buy it or not. =)

Adam said...

Seriously considering buying one for my wife's birthday coming up soon. I can listen to it as well.


Hi Adam...

Wow your wife would surely be jumping for joy if u presented to her this iPod Touch for her birthday. But hey, it's the thought that counts, so any present would do just fine for her. =)

Still, it is a great buy. U should have one too! =)

Rolando said...

So long as I can hear the music and videos from my existing ipod then I'm happy.

But those new features are sure cool.


Yes as long as the iPod is listenable, it's definitely enough to make your day. But like u said, the new features are just so cool. And they are too amazing to resist! Hehe!

thiamhin said...

too much for me....


Hi Thiamhin...

U mean too much in terms of the price? Well prices of all iPods are like that. Hope iPods can be sold at lower prices in future. =)