The Art Of Negotiation (Part 2): Dealing With Difficult Clients

Clients are your golden tickets to attain success in your business or company, especially when they recurrently turn to you for business dealings.On the contrary, they can also be one of your greatest hurdles.

This is more so when they project a hard-to-please attitude and get very demanding towards you. Your job right now is to cross this hurdle!

Below are the seven steps to take when dealing with difficult clients:

Step 1:
Pay careful attention to your clients’ criticisms and keep your cool when asking them questions. By doing so, you can easily determine the likes and dislikes of your clients and think of what you can do to meet their needs.

Step 2:
Do not intervene when your clients are talking, unless they become a little out of hand with their words. It pays to listen to them to the fullest. If they get quite harsh, courteously ask them to keep their cool and speak in a more calmly manner.

Step 3:
Note down the discussions you had with difficult clients and the measures you have undertaken to deal with their apprehensions.

Step 4:
View the issue through the clients’ perspectives. Perhaps the repeated calls and annoying naggings that they have been making are all due to their overload of stress that has got nothing to do with work matters. In other words, they may be burdened with personal matters and get carried away with them.

Step 5:
Do not immerse yourself into a quarrel with your clients. In dealing with clients, your ultimate aim is to come to a win-win situation, rather than to gain everything at their expense. Be more open-minded and receptive of the different opinions.

Step 6:
Clients can sometimes be in the midst of feeling puzzled and downhearted. They are human beings too! So you should be the one to lift them up. A little bit of that can make their day and curtail the frustration in them.

Step 7:
Always remain cool. If you are all steamed up as much as the clients, you can always inform them that you will call them back or arrange the meeting on another day or timeslot. In doing so, you can give yourself some time to overcome your anger.

Clients serve as the base that helps support your business. Without this base, your business could very well tumble and fall.

Therefore, you should let your clients have a sense of belonging in your business, no matter how difficult they are.

Let these seven great tips guide you along in dealing with your clients more effectively and efficiently.


WaterLearner said...

Hi Nafa!

Good effective tips on handling difficult customers! I do agree that the most important thing is to keep your cool. Only then can you think clearly and not react too emotionally or take any remarks too personally than desirable.

Have a Good Week Ahead!

J@n!ce said...

Nafa, wonderful write-up. I've encountered the nastiest client my whole life before. She makes things so difficult for me that I am crying everyday back home. I'm relieved that I do not have to face all this for the time being & happy to be SAHM :)

Janice Ng

Bobby said...

I have had the nastiest customers one could possibly imagine. I have actually been physically attacked by a customer on 3 separate occasions at 3 different jobs!

I had a job selling mobile homes once. I had returning clients who asked for me by name one day. I was at lunch. When I returned, the owner of the business stole my clients and they thought they got a better deal being that it was the owner.

I showed them the price I would have sold the same home to them for (a savings of $6000.00) and they realized the owner shafted them! I made the owner look like a crook (which he was) and I was immediately fired! Hey, at least I went out with a bang:)


Hi Karen...

Yup that's true. Must stay calm even when u don't want to. After all, handling clients and customers is a responsibility for anyone who ventures into business. U have a great week ahead too!=)

Hi Janice!

Aww...u actually cried every day? But now life is so much better for u huh? And the only customers u need to think of now are your two kids who would only demand u for strawberries. Hehe! They are definitely easier to handle compared to the difficult customers and clients out there. =)


Hi Bobby...

Woah u were physically attack? That was bad. No words could describe the kind of clients u had to handle.

But great to see u taking it positively by thinking that u went off with a bang! Haha! And most of all, just take it as an experience in life that u can possibly learn from. So if u ever take up another job that requires u to deal with clients, the first thing u should do is read our article ok? =)

JesseTheCat said...

Hi, I love this post, its really iteresting.You have some great info relating to difficult clients...clients are always so vital to any business, but they can so often be rude.A neccessary post for all those who deal with clients regularly! Thanks again
Happy day further, Nafasg :)


Hello Miss Blogger of the Week... =)

Thanks a lot. Glad u find this article useful. It would be most useful for those who are handling difficult clients every single day. Our hearts go out to them.

Anyway u have a great day and week ahead of u ok? Take care Jesse! *hugs*

Mariuca said...

Hello NAFA, sorry I'm so late today. Busy with work la! :) Anyway, thanks for this great article. Really helps put things in perspective when I get upset with some of my clients!

I hope u had a great Monday!


Hello Marzie!

Nice to hear from u today. Never mind, we're not upset, we understand.

Actually it was u who motivated us to come up with this article. In your post about your work space, u did mention a little bit abt your frustration towards your clients. Suddenly it crossed our minds that we should write this! =)

So thank u Genie Princess. Must have been the extra sprinkles from u that had given us the inspiration! =)

Mariuca said...

Ha ha ha, thanks Nafa. You always know how to lift my spirits, have I told u lately how much I Love NAFA? :):):) For that, here's a double dose of super duper sprinkle!! Enjoy :)

thiamhin said...

good strategy.....
always be a good lisener...dun provoke ur client unless out of control...
be in control..


Hey Marzie!

Yay! More sprinkles from Genie Princess.

Ease our troubles that's what you do...we love u too! =)

Hi thiamhin...

Yup a good tip from u there. Thanks for reading this article! =)

Don Simkovich said...

Good advice . . . one of the things I learned while working in sales is to ask the other person as many questions as possible. You can do this with a client, even one not happy with your services, to clarify an issue and it can serve to disarm them by showing them you are listening.


Hello Don...

A good tip from u there. We agree with u totally that showing our clients how good a listener we are can probably make things turn out well eventually.

Thanks a lot! And glad u like this article. =)