What A Man And Woman Really Wants

What A Man And Woman Really Wants....

Before entering into any serious relationship, one has to start the ball rolling. Conventionally, it is always the men who would make his first move on wooing the women. But modernization has created a major change in women too.

In other words, women are beginning to plunge into making that first move. That is a trivial matter. Provided that you, regardless of your gender, have the wits to make it happen. You would not want to create a disaster out of your efforts to astound that person you have been eyeing on right?

These useful information can give you a lucid picture of how you should kick start a beautiful sincere relationship.

First up goes out to the men. What makes a woman eager to accept a man’s offer of knowing each other more deeply?

 She does not like a man who asks for something major out of the relationship too fast. She tends to feel apprehensive when a man makes his moves too desperately. The man should start things slowly and steadily. Take this time to learn about each other, and start off with a sincere friendship. In this way, she would feel like she is not pushed into the relationship, and in fact, would be as keen to know you as you are to her.

 She likes a man who does not interrogate her. A woman usually needs some time to open herself up to a man. She would spill the beans once she has found a comfort zone in you. Give her time and space. You can ask about her aspirations and achievements. Or talk about some comedic experiences that she had! That would be quite good to get both of you mingling!

 She despises ‘sweet talkers’. A woman is not shallow. If the love develops in her, she would love the man for who he is and not for the sweet words that he uses to mesmerize her. So do not jump into sweet-talking! Be assured of your feelings for her before you let it all out to her in words.

 She does not need to be treated like a china doll. All she needs is to know the man. So it is not necessary for you to bring her to posh places. You should bring her to places where you can view Mother Nature. She could easily find a comfort zone in you if you do so.

Ok ladies you are up next! What makes a man keen on knowing a woman as much as the woman?

 Just like all of you, he does not like a woman who is desperate. He especially loathes ‘stalkers’. Please give way to him. A woman is supposed to be the more patient party. It is all right to make the first move and tell him the truth, but be subtler in handling it.

 He likes a conservative woman, well mannered in words and actions. You can be forthcoming to him but do not allow your extroversion to go overboard. A man would always prefer a woman who is friendly yet reserved.

 He does not always wish to entertain your melodramatic ways. Being melodramatic is a woman’s natural behavior but do not go beyond the limits. Just talk normally to him.

 Do not demand to be spoiled with flowers, candle light dinners and an overload of presents. In true relationships, materialism is not found in the dictionary. He would try his best to provide you what he could if he shares the same feelings as you do, and you should reciprocate by appreciating what he has done for you.

To all of you here who are making plans to fess up to someone you have been admiring from afar, read this up! They would come in handy! Good luck in your pursuit to make that someone yours to keep. If you succeed, treasure that person with all your life.

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