The Discipline Of Goal Setting

We all have goals in life. We have the wildest dreams in life that we wish would come true. But can all these be attained with only a snap of your finger? Of course not! We are not born magicians or fairies.

We need to walk a certain pathway to reach that goal, and most importantly, the path we are taking should be right. This is where goal setting comes into the picture. Systematic goal setting is essential so that the risk of going the wrong directions would be lesser, and that your chances of attaining that goal are high.

Here are the key essentials of setting your goal, regardless of what your goal in life is:

v Create a positive avowal of your goal. You should tell yourself, ‘Make it happen and do it well’ rather than ‘Do not make any silly mistake’. This is something you should remind yourself every single time.

v Be specific. Set the year, date and time that you want to attain the goal. In this way, you can keep track of whether you have achieved the goal earlier, on time, or later.

v Lay down priorities. To achieve an ultimate goal, we would have to achieve several small goals first right? So prioritize the more important goals. This can help you avoid too much pressure in you due to the overwhelming number of goals.

v Write down your goals. Writing them down makes your goal setting more organized and easier for your tracking purposes.

v Keep the small goals attainable. You may not progress if your goals are too big. Be realistic. After all, you need these achievable short-term goals to achieve that long-term goal.

v Set performance goals rather than the ending goals. If you set your mind to achieve a performance level, you would not feel disconsolate by the ups and downs that you would have to endure when working your way up.

This is because you have already done your part in working towards the goal. Sometimes you have to bear in mind the external factors that are beyond our control like the economical crisis, bad weather or injuries.

Every flow has its ebbs, so does achieving a goal. But as long as you keep yourself spirited and execute something with a positive mind, you will soar to the sky. So good luck in achieving your hopes and dreams.

"Where there’s a will, there’s a way."


Adam said...

Great blog. Added you to my blogroll.

J@n!ce said...

This is a good read. Its been so long since I really sat down to write my resolutions for the year. I think its time that I should keep my priorities right & set some goals to achieve for the year. Thanks for the reminder :)

NAFASG said...

U go Janice! May your resolution for the year come to life. =)

Adam, thanks for visiting and commenting here. And thanks for adding us in your blogroll! Keep in touch! =)