Stop Abusing Cats And Dogs

Cats and dogs…they are the most common types of animals many of us would keep as pets. But are you aware that these cuddly and precious animals have been slaughtered unnecessarily for their furs to be luxuriously worn and flaunted by Man?

Cats and dogs have always been looked up to by majority of us here as companions to keep us entertained and fill the emptiness of our hearts. Imagine how dreary this world and our lives would be without their presence…and if they do no longer exist in this world, we only have ourselves to blame…

So everyone, we urge you to spare a thought for these poor guiltless souls.

Visit the official website proudly owned by Heather Mills McCartney, one of the prominent women of stardom, who had dedicated her time and life to spread the good words of charity.

One of her articles talked about the abuse of cats and dogs for their fur, and how some countries have taken actions against this trade.

Screenshot Of Heather Mills McCartney’s Official Website

Just like her, you can be part of this action taken for a very noble cause. Convey this message to all you friends and family. By spending a few minutes on spreading the message, you can save millions of these beloved and adorable creatures.

So from all of us, to all of you, set these cats and dogs free from human cruelty. Stop the abuse. Save them.

Join the Movement and

1. You will receive a link to your Blog Post from the Blogcatalog blog when is list to everyone who participated.

2. You get to use your blog for an important cause.

3. You get to create blogging history.

Participate In The Movement Here.

This Article Is Written In Conjunction With Bloggers Against Abuse Movement Till September 27th, 2007.


Mariuca said...

Yeah, stop abusing all the Benjis and Nafadogs in the world! :(:(:(

Anna Lozyk Romeo said...

Firstly, I like the personalized welcome message on top of your blog. Nice article.

About abuse, I have an issue with people getting cats, and letting then to run around the neighbourhood and not giving them any attention, and if the cat is lost, they show so much compassion in their ads. This is sad.

The reason I say that is because there is this cat around our subdivision that on regular basis comes and visits me, yes me, and I have to pet him because no body else is giving him/her attention. Its sad. This is not really physical abuse, but I see it as emotional abuse, I think animals have feelings also so please take care of them and give them some attention. Anna :)

NAFASG said...

Hi Marzie...i knew u would respond to this coz u have a cat yourself. Yes, let us all come together and fight against the abuse of these furry sweethearts... =)

Hi Anna..

Thank u so much for reading this article and commenting on it. Most of all, thanks for being one of those who have so much compassion for these adorable creatures. =)