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Work Your Way To A More Powerful Mind

Doesn’t it frustrate you when you instinctively feel that you are slow in your thinking? Don’t you wish you had a more powerful mind that is able to grasp the things you need to learn more promptly?

The good news is that it is possible for anyone to achieve it. Mind power is not inborn, but it can be infused in you. You are the one to make it happen!

Here are ways that can make you augment your mind power:

ü Exercise!

The brain makes up a vital part of your physique, and exercising can play its part in stimulating your brain. If you need to revitalize your brain, try walking up and down or to and fro for a short period of time, especially before you go to bed.

ü Research on the suitable temperature for your mind to work well.

Temperature also determines how focused you can stay. Most would perform well under cool and moderate temperature. The surrounding environment, too, has a role to play. Majority would prefer a quieter and more serene area to concentrate better.

ü Be actively involved in problem solving.

When you do so, it encourages your mind to function more dynamically. Also, should you be able to solve a problem in your most creative way, you should pen it down to remind yourself that you do have a brilliant mind after all.

ü Be more spontaneous

Particularly when you already have an experience in a skill or subject. For instance, if you had gained experience being a badminton player, you would be able to observe and aim for the area in the court that would let you defeat your opponent. If you do not have an experience in something, you can always feed yourself with essential and sufficient information to guide you. This can also aid you in developing your intuition, thus developing your mind power.

ü Relax your mind.

Give yourself some intervals. You can sniff flowers or scents to refresh your mind. Too much pro-activeness in thinking would not boost your mind power any further.

ü Have a sense of self-belief that you are intelligent.

If you can go on striking a chord on yourself about how intellectual you are and you can be, it will turn into reality for you!

Above all, a conducive environment, brain stimulators and a bit of relaxation would help you accomplish your wish of having a powerful mind.

These key pointers are here to stay and here to guide you. So what are you waiting for? Get your brains working and climb your way to the top!

Remember only you can make the effort to practice these in your daily life! To do that, you would have to believe in yourself.

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septianw said...

nice article, i'll implemented it IRL. sometime we had hard to think.

NAFASG said...

Hey Septian...

Thanks for your compliment. Glad that u would like to implement our tips into your daily life. =)

FeelingFlirty said...

Well written. If more people paid attention to the way their minds work and how relaxation and meditation can help solve problems, the world would be a nicer place. :)

NAFASG said...

Hi feelingflirty...

Thanks for your comments. U are right! We can make this world a nicer place by understanding how our mind works. So let us all start doing that right now! =)