HP iPAQ 512 Voice Messenger

HP iPAQ 510 Voice Messenger Phone (Unlocked)

Let’s welcome the brand new HP iPAQ 512 Voice Messenger into the HP iPAQ series of mobile phones! hat makes this mobile phone model the ideal mobile phone to own?

First impression always counts. The HP iPAQ 512 Voice Messenger has a slick design and is pocket-sized. Its lightness in weight makes it so convenient for anyone to bring along the mobile phone.

Data Storage and Transfer
One of the attractive features of HP iPAQ 512 is the latest built-in Microsoft Windows Mobile 6.0 Standard Edition where you can make use of Microsoft Windows Mobile applications like Word Mobile, Excel Mobile and PowerPoint Mobile. It is a PC that fits in your pocket! You can store all your data in the main memory with a bigger space of 64 MB, or the flash ROM with a space of 128 MB, which is similar to your thumb drive. Data storage becomes less of a hassle with the increase in the memory space! Want to transfer your data to your PC? You can do so by using the USB desktop cable to synchronize your data. It is so quick and easy!

Wireless Technology
When it comes to the HP iPAQ series, who would not enquire about its wireless technology capabilities?! The HP iPAQ 512 is equipped with the Wi-Fi 802.11, together with WPA2 security and Mobile Internet Explorer. These superb features will guarantee safety and handiness when surfing the Internet and checking your emails. It also has the integrated Bluetooth® 1.2 for sending and receiving of pictures or videos.

Multimedia Features
Speaking of pictures and videos, you will be enthralled by the built-in HP Photosmart Camera that has a resolution of 1.3 mega pixel supports many of the image formats like JPEG, PNG, BMP and GIF. The image qualities supported by the camera are CIF, QVGA, VGA and SXGA. The camera affirms high quality in the pictures taken! You can even shoot your own videos with the camcorder that has a viewfinder of 160 x 120 and supports QCIF video size. You can turn yourself into a filming director just by using its camcorder! The mobile phone even possesses audio capabilities. It is equipped with microphone, receiver, speaker and a 2.5 mm stereo headphone jack. With all these audio features, you can keep yourself entertained with your favourite songs wherever you are! The messaging component uses the MMS composer where you can also send lovely MMS pictures to your contacts.

Details Of The Outlook
The numbered keyboard has 12 buttons with a LED backlight for you to view the keyboard especially in dark areas. The memory slot is fit for MicroSD cards and supports 4-bit memory standard.

Our verdict? The HP iPAQ series of mobile phones has definitely brought in an innovatory mobile phone that anyone would want to go home with. The all-new HP iPAQ 512 Voice Messenger will certainly be the center of attraction to all!

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