The Psychological Means Of Relaxation

Before reading this article..Take A Deep Breath, Sit Back And Free Your Mind…

Readers, tune to a slower pace of music..

Now, close your eyes…forget about reality for the moment, and transport ourselves to another world you can call paradise…

"Imagine yourself sitting on the rocks of a beach, watching the waves of the deep blue sea almost coming to where you are. Then close your eyes and you will feel the beautiful breeze blowing on your face. Imagine the sounds of the seagulls flying and twittering across the sea....

Whilst that, just breathe the fresh air that surrounds you from head to toe. Free your mind from everything else. Just feel the serenity of everything that you can see with your own eyes and hear with your own ears, and admire the indescribable beauty that Mother Nature has for you…the beautiful sunset, the ocean so blue…"

Relaxed? You should be. And best of all, you can do it even in the comfort of your own room.

It is important that in the midst of our hectic lives at work or in school, we find the time for ourselves to release the daily stress we have to withstand. Lose yourselves! Let all that pressure go. What we did earlier on is actually one of the tactics you can make use of to free your mind from all the tension. But that is not the only tactic for sure!

1. We cannot avoid from facing the computer every single day. Especially for bloggers like us, right? Nevertheless, there is a possible way to overcome it. While your web page is still loading, get your eyes off the monitor screen and take that time to view the greeneries from your window. In doing so, you can be prevented from myopia, an eye disease that one can be infected with if the eyes are exposed to the computer screen for too long hours.

2. When using your computer, you would have to stay put on your seat. That can be extremely straining for you. Still, you can spare a few minutes of your busy time to do some mild stretches while remaining seated. Stretch your fingers that have been nimbly on the keyboard, rotate your head and shoulders, and stretch your hands and legs. You should also make your seat a little more comfortable to sit on by placing a small cushion or pillow on your spine. In this way, you can be prevented from unwanted backaches and muscle strains that would just add up to more stress.
3. Open your window and allow the fresh air to enter. Refrain from using too much air-conditioner or else you will be inhaling the air coming from the air-conditioner, which can affect your respiratory system. Inhaling fresh air can contribute to improving blood circulation in your brain and clearing your mind from the unnecessary stress.

4. You can kill two birds with one stone. In other words, munch something light while getting on your feet at work. Do not ever skip meals. It can weaken your body system and cause further stress for you. A hot drink would also help. A little bit of heat in your body can actually contribute to the relaxation of your mind and soul.

5. If you have problems that are intervening in your life, talk it out. It is unhealthy to wallow in your sorrows, because it can lead to sever depression. Depression is actually a medical syndrome that one should not take very lightly, but it is treatable, as long as you find the courage to speak your mind to someone you can trust. We at Nafa can do that just for you! You can also talk it out to us and we will be your place for comfort.

6. Laughter is the best medicine. A good laugh can actually release all the prolonged negativity that has been bottled up inside your heart. Do not lead yourself a too serious life. Crack all the jokes that you can think of with someone who can laugh along with you as well.

So remember, do spare a thought for yourself and your health. As much as we should work hard to have a good future for ourselves, do not deprive ourselves of a few minutes that we can use to reduce all the stress. Just a few minutes of it can make a big positive impact on your well being.

Watch this Natural Healing Bonus Meditation Video To Relax Yourself

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Mariuca said...

Hello Nafa! What a nice article ;)

Of course, we all need to take some time to smell the roses. That's why I refused to do anything work related today and spent my Sat catching up on all the movies I've been meaning to watch for a long time! LOL..

Hope u guys are having a relaxing weekend too :) :)