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Dave said...

Hey man, your blog have so many ads. I was wondering does they conflict with each other contract? Better double check it out.

NafaSg said...

Dave, i have receive your review on our site stating that our blog has many ads and they would conflict with each other . On the contrary, after checking out your site, i discovered that your site has more ads than our site.

If you thought that the links on my sidebar were purely ads, you have misunderstood. Those links are actually our posted articles.

From my point of view, you should double check your site. Nevertheless, we appreciate your honest feedback to us.

Thank you.

Rocky John M. Tayaban said...

Hi NafaSG,
There I've found it.
Thank you very much for joining the activity I've put in place. Thank you for the kind words.

Best wishes and good luck to your blog.
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