The Award-Winning Cat – Oscar!

There was Tom the cat, then there was Felix the cat…now introducing… OSCAR the cat! But this is not another cartoon character, and it is no ordinary cat. It is a cat understood to have been blessed with a ‘supernatural power’. Yes, this feline is believed to have the power to predict deaths!

Oscar may not have the human ability to verbalize the date and time of the deaths, but it has a remarkable intuition no one can ever imagine. It actually approaches the person and sits beside him or her a few hours before he or she is formally pronounced dead.

This 2- year-old adorable feline was discovered and adopted by the Steere House Nursing and Rehabilitation Center in US ever since it was a kitten.

It has been very helpful towards the nurses and doctors simply by curling up nearer to the patients whose lives were going to be taken away in less than four hours.

Nurses and doctors have become so habituated to its exceptional ability that the moment it turns up at the particular ward or bedside, they knew they had to call the family members and tell them to stay strong.

Family members of the deceased patients are not dispirited from the method that Oscar uses to convey the deaths, but instead, are very thankful to it for being a trusty companion during the patients’ last few hours of being alive. It was once notified to us before that animals like cats and dogs do possess an inkling that human beings do not possess.

But perhaps what this cat can do is such an amazing discovery ever made! So if you happen to see this cat below waiting by your doorstep, I suggest that you mentally and emotionally prepare yourself for a bad news. That bad news could be meant for somebody who is staying with you. Or maybe… it is meant for you…

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Jean Chia said...

wow, this cat is amzing! thanks for the info shared!