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The NafaSG team has recently received yet another payment, this time, from a pay per click website called BidVertiser. The earnings we made were based on the clicks made by visitors on the advertisements displayed by BidVertiser itself.

Established in 2003, BidVertiser aims to provide advertisers the choice of sites they would invest in to place their advertisements, and provide publishers the choice of promoting their site space to the advertiser who gives the highest bidding. It utilizes different types of advertisement units like banners, buttons, skyscrapers and horizontally aligned advertisements.

It also goes the extra mile by revising the advertisements placed and the quality of the publishers’ websites, so that publishers will benefit from attractive advertisements and advertisers will enjoy the best conversion rates from the clicks made. A plus point of BidVertiser is that the minimum payout of the pay per click earnings per month for publishers is only USD$10. Hence, one would not have to wait too long to grab hold of the earnings made.

Proof Of Payment From BidVertiser
(Paypal Screen Shot)

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The NafaSG team is very honored to have made the right choice of using BidVertiser as the gateway to attracting worldwide visitors to our website. It is the site for all publishers and advertisers to attain monetary success via the Internet.

So come and check out how BidVertiser can help you make advertising on your website worthwhile, by subscribing to Bidvertiser’s first-rate publishing and advertising services right now!

A Screen Shot Of BidVertiser's Official Website

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NIHAL said...

Hi Nafa,

What would your take be on comparing AdSense against Bidvertiser, besides the low payout of $10.00 ?

Thank You.

NafaSg said...

Hi Nihal,

Thank you for taking your time to read our article. As requested, here is our response to your query.

Both Adsense and BidVertiser provide great support to the advertisers and publishers. We have been carrying out a thorough research and gathered the essential information on them individually. We also assembled the information based on feedback from other users of both services.

Adsense is unquestionably a reputable advertising and publishing network that is well liked by many of the advertisers and publishers worldwide. Hence, this shows that competition among the advertisers and publishers will be very tight when using its services, which could in turn affect the cost per click of the advertisements placed on your site.

In addition to that, after careful deliberation of the information gathered from the web resources, the Nafasg team does not wish to bear the risk of being prohibited from making earnings from Adsense.

Hope we have provided the answer you were looking for. Come visit our website again ya? Have a good day. =)

NIHAL said...

Hi Guy's,

Thanks for that reply. It is always a pleasure to come by. Hope to see you around as well :)