Earth Hour 2009: Vote Earth!

The question of the day from all of us to all of you...

Are you going to switch off your lights or let the lights remain switched on?

It’s your choice. But here is a little something we would like to put across to you. If you have chosen to leave your lights on, you belong to the category of supporters of global warming. But if you have chosen to switch off your lights, you have actually made a wise decision to vote EARTH!

The wait is finally over! Today, the whole world will be coming together to experience a global phenomenon like never before! Supporters and voters of our planet Earth from all walks of life will be turning off their lights for one very special hour, known as Earth Hour 2009, which will take place from 8.30pm to 9.30pm.

Earth Hour was first started in Sydney, Australia in 2007, and in 2008, up to 50 million people from across the globe took part by switching off their lights. This year, WWF (World Wide Fund for Nature) is aiming to reach a target of one billion voters of Earth from all over the world for this coming event.

Henceforth, the NAFA team would like to urge all our fellow families and friends, and all of our readers and supporters, wherever you are, to come and join us in this global pursuit to save our Earth.

How do you vote Earth? Simply by switching off your lights between the times stated above! It is too simple an act to forego, and all it takes is just one hour off your time.

So be an individual who wants to make our Earth safe and protected from global warming. Sign up now to show your support for this very eventful moment of our lives.

Remember, we only have one planet Earth, so take good care of her. Vote Earth today, and everyday of your life.

-Nafa Danfad


Jean Chia aka Ms.Yummy~licious said...

hi NAFA!! thanks for remembering my request! this is gonna be a memorable day and i can't wait for it! :)

NafaSg said...

Hello Yummylicious!!

Of course we remember! How can we not remember your request, especially when it is for a very very good cause? Looks like we'll all be having fun in the dark! We can't wait either!

Enjoy yourself tonight!!! =)

Mariuca said...

Morning!!! Wakey wakey GP in da house and I'm in a great mood! :):):)

Mariuca said...

Happy earth hour to u guys, I too joined in the movement! Let's do this again next year! :):):)

Mariuca said...

Guys, come see GP masa muda at MPG! It's my anniversary with B and there's a special video of us! Enjoy!! :):):)

NafaSg said...

Hello GP!!! HUGZZZZZZ!!!

Morning? Dah afternoon lah GP...hehe... ;p We too had a great time during Earth Hour! Yup we definitely wanna be a part of this next year.

Oh wait a minute! Did u just mentioned a special video of u and B when u guys were still young? That's sooooo cool! Must watch. But both of u still look young actually. Hehe! And congrats on your anniversary. We're so happy for u! *sniff sniff*

Ok ok enough crying! Ahem ahem...destination of the day....MPG! Coming right up!!! =)=)=)

Mariuca said...

Awwww so sweet la u guys!! Thanks so much for celebrating with us, I was so happy to see my friends from Lion City at MPG! Hugs all around! :):):)

Mariuca said...

I brought u guys a special banana pie, fresh from the oven! Yup GP is still up he he! Enjoy ur midnight snack or early breakfast tomo! :):):)

NafaSg said...

Morning GP!!

Wah u surprised us with a special banana pie first thing in the morning. But poor thing u stayed up just to make this for us! We should make a little something for u too. It's been a long time anyway. Hehe!

We're enjoying the pie right now. Thank u so so much! And yes, we were so happy to celebrate your special day at MPG!! Looking forward to another celebration next year.

Have a great day ahead GP!! HUGZZZZZZ!!!!! =D

Mariuca said...

He he he!!! I am back with special ikan bakar and tempura seafood for u guys! Actually, that's my dinner tonight!

Mariuca said...

MEOW Nafa! Phoebe here, come see my new pics at Master's blog! MEOW! :)

NafaSg said...

Wah!!! GP got special ikan bakar for us. Dah lama tak makan ikan bakar...and tempura seafood too!! Tonight's dinner is gonna be super yummy!!!

Thank u so so much GP and we're sure u will be having a reeeeaaal good feast with all that stuff. =)=)=)

Ooooh....Phoebe is here also! Hello kitty kitty...u are getting cuter every day...and yes! We're so coming to see your new pics. We'll bring NAFADOG too! Yeah!! =)=)=)

Mariuca said...

Hi peeps, I have a tag for you here, come and get it! :)

NafaSg said...

Hi GP!!

Another tag!! Ok coming over to get it. =)=)=)

Dean-ReviewGuy said...

Hi NafaSg,
Like the way u give advice.
You quote up there is inspirational.
I've a new website. Would u like to visit and leave some comment. Thanx :)

NafaSg said...

Hi Dean!!

Thanks a lot! Glad u like this article. =)

Wow a new website? Of course we would love to visit!! Coming over right now. =)=)=)