Feed The Hungry Today

When we are given something to eat and the food is not to our liking, we would be ranting and throwing tantrums over it. But picture your life without even a single food to eat, and you would probably be wishing that you had just gorged that food that you had voluntarily rejected in the first place.

That is why we should never be ignorant towards the value of food. Even if it is not our preferred type of food, we should always remind ourselves that we are blessed with food to eat, and that others out there are apparently not as fortunate as we are.

And speaking of others, let us all realize the dreams of the millions of people who are hoping so much to be given ample food to eat, even if it is just a small bowl of rice.

There is a couple of sites that are presently giving their support towards people from all walks of life who are hungry, such as The Hunger Site, and we can all lend our helping hands to them by visiting the following sites. We can give free clicks, purchase the items offered in there, sign up for petitions, or even play a game, to help raise funds for the provision of food that will eventually benefit the hungry.

The Hunger Site

You can even help spread this important message to the rest of your family and friends via your blog, and then tag as many people as you wish so that the message can be passed on incessantly throughout the global community.

It is entirely up to you as to how you want to help feed the hungry, but no matter how small your contribution is, it will definitely create a major impact on the lives of these wonderful souls.

Just imagine the beautiful smiles engraved on their faces when they get to see their ultimate dreams come true, and we all have the power to do it for them.

All you need is a few minutes of your busy schedule to feed the hungry, which we believe you can commit to. So we do hope that you can start getting your donations coming in from today. Your kindness and generosity will mean so much to them.

And last but not least, always realize the importance of food in our lives and appreciate every single moment that we get to eat food.

This was a tag courtesy of Marzie.

And these are the sites that you can visit to start making your contributions:

And with that, we would like to tag:

Apple, Lee Chien, Sani and Jesse.

-Nafa Danfad


Mariuca said...

Hola peeps! Wah, better late than never kan? Thanks for spreading the word NAFA. And for the reminder not to waste food or throw tantrums when the food tak sedap! I'll try my best to be less fussy abt my food also he he! :):):)

Mariuca said...

ALAKAZAM!!! The genies are back, and this time, we have the Magic Lamp of Luck for you! :)

NafaSg said...

Hello GP!!

Yup! Better late than never, though we still feel a little bad for being late. Hehe!

Actually as we were writing this post, we too started realizing how important food is in our lives and that we should not be picking at our food too much.

So this is a really great campaign that not only reminds us to give to those who are in need of food, but also, it reminds us that we should value the presence of food in our lives. =)=)=)

Wah, so sentimental ah? Haha!

Oooh...looks like the Magic Lamp is here to give us good luck! Hehe! Alright will come over to find out what this Magic Lamp Of Luck is all about. =)=)=)

JesseTheCat said...

Hi Nafasg....Thanks for including me,the worlds slowest tag completer,in your new tag! You wrote a really great article on it..I agree that we must always be humble in mind and grateful for our food..even the yukky stuff.So many millions dont ever feel full...which must be such a terrible feeling to go to bed hungry!I will let you know when I finish this one...and until I do,many zillions of hugs to you...Keep Rockin',Angels :)

NafaSg said...

Hi Jesse!!

Hehe! It's not about how slow or fast we are. What's important is that we are willing to do it. So take your time ok? =)

Anyway, glad that u appreciate this simple article of ours. We really feel the need to address this issue because sometimes it makes us frustrated to see people complaining about the smallest details of food in the restaurants. To us, as long as we are able to chew and swallow the food easily, we don't think we have any reason to complain. And if we knew we are not going to like that food in the first place, we would not have asked for it.

Phew! Hope u can take our ranting here. Hahaha! So again, take your time yeah? And gazillions of hugs to u too!!!! =)=)=)

bokjae said...

Bless your heart NAFASG! I've something for you at my place, come get it! Thanks!

NafaSg said...

Hi Bokjae!

Wow something for us? Sure will hop by your place! =)=)=)

Jean Chia aka Ms.Yummy~licious said...

hi nafa! great to see your new post! i've played the games, it was fun! :) it always feels good to help others, rite! :)

Happy Weekend!

NafaSg said...

Hi Jean!!

Yeah we played the games too! And yes it does feel great to help others, and imagine how it's like playing a game to lend a helping a hand. =D

Anyway, happy weekend to u too! =)

Jean Chia aka Ms.Yummy~licious said...

hi NAFA! i've got something for you at my place! Come quick, ya!

NafaSg said...

Hello Jean!!

Oh dear sorry for our late response. We've been away for some time to settle some things.

Hmm...wonder what u are up to. Hehe! Coming over right now! =)

Rozella said...

The Hunger Site is doing such great things for the hungry. We need more website like this!

NafaSg said...

Hi Rozella!!

Yup this site is awesome, and it has been receiving an overwhelming response. There are so many websites out there that are doing the same thing for sure! Let us hope for more of such websites to come, so that we the public can continue to give our support to these wonderful people. =)

Shemah said...

I really enjoyed these websites. Been frequenting them for a while now. It's a great post and it's awesome to see the message being spread around. :)

We also have to remember that our local communities have a lot going on too.. and that they might not have much exposure as the ones with websites.

Nevertheless, we do what we can, right? Glad to see this post up here. :)

NafaSg said...

Hi Shemah!

Glad u like this humble article of ours. We really feel the need to spread this message to everyone, regardless of who they are and where they come from.

But u got the point there too. Our local communities should not be neglected. Perhaps we should research on the local organizations that are seeking our help right now. =)