Tips On Avoiding A Bad Linky Love Train

When one plunges into blogging, the first thing that comes into mind is link exchanging, which is believed by many of us bloggers to be the golden ticket to huge amount of traffic and successful blog optimization and monetization.

Yes it could be every blogger’s golden ticket, if the blogger knows how to utilize the opportunity.

While link exchanging turns your simple online diary into a popular site, it can also cost you some misfortunes if you are less careful about it, especially when you link your blog to a site that is not highly recognized, infamous and holds a bad reputation.

You ought to be vigilant when it comes to this one because if you buck up the wrong tree, it can affect your page rank negatively.

If you think that emails have a fair share of scams, well it is actually the same for link exchanging. Hence, we would like to share you some useful tips on how you can avoid those unwanted scams.

1. If you were to receive a link exchange request, do research on the site first. This is really advisable especially if your site is an online business site whereby you need to ensure that its status is well maintained. Analyze the site in terms of whether it provides valuable information that you can benefit from, its significance towards your readers and visitors, and the page rank. A site that is ranked ‘0’ may not necessarily be a bad site, but there is a possibility that the site had once or is currently given a penalty. So do look into these areas before accepting the offer.

2. Upon visiting the site, check that your link can be found in the site to indicate that your link has been added into the blogroll or network. Not all webmasters are honest about a link exchange, or perhaps they have their own hidden agenda when they informed you of their request for a link exchange. Hence, you should ensure of this aspect.

3. Once you have found your link in the site, click on the link to validate that the URL is correct. This is because webmasters sometimes make use of your link name to link to their site instead of yours. This is another area that should be looked into as well.

4. Look out for the URL code by right clicking on the link and selecting ‘Properties’. If you notice that a java script or codes besides htm and html, or if you notice ‘rel’ included in the link, the exchange should be declined. These codes are actually used in order for the search engines to overlook your link and will therefore not make any difference to your page rank and traffic.

5. Ensure that the page code is such that your link is not associated with a robot.txt file, which can cause your link to be disregarded by search engines. You can do so by selecting ‘View’ and then ‘Source’ from your browser task bar.

6. Check that your link has been displayed on the home page of the site that requested for the link exchange. If your link is displayed on one of the other pages on the site, visitors of that site will not even know about your link. This is also apparently a tactic that dishonest webmasters would use so that you will not gain as many visitors as possible. So before accepting the link exchange, make sure that your link can be clearly seen on the home page rather than other pages of the site.

Being careful with link exchanges is like being careful when choosing your friends. You would only accept friends who truly want to build a friendship with you instead of those who want to build a friendship just to take advantage of you in the end.

The same theory applies to link exchanging.

With that, be careful not to hop on board the bad linky love train!

Talking about linky love train, we just remembered that Marzie has invited us for a ride on her enormous linky love train. We would definitely hop on board because she is a fine example of a true friend in the blogosphere who would support us and even help us when we need one. It was surely worth exchanging links with her!

Now we too would like to invite a few others for this amazing train ride!

The rule: When you get tagged, you have to add your name below the person who tagged you and by doing so you are letting the list grow.
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This is going to be the ride of our lives knowing that there is a great bunch of amazing people joining in the ride as well. But the more the merrier! So please hop on board the train:


Lee Chien




They, too, are a great bunch of people who have been supporting us from behind, and they truly deserve this ride.


JesseTheCat said...

Wow, what a last post also includes trains,must be a sign of things to come!! I think it means we are ALL moving forwards in the Blogosphere,lol ( at least I hops it means that!! )
A wonderful post which reminds me,Marzie tagged me on this one,I better hide away till its completed :))


Hello Jesse!

Oh u did a post on trains?? We must go check it out right away!! And we are all definitely moving forward as long as we have the passion for blogging yeah? =)

Oh yes we remembered Marzie tagging u on this one too. Looking forward to your post! But u need not hide yourself. We too took quite some time to get this up. Hehe! =)

Mariuca said...

LOL! Jesse... come out come out wherever u are! :)

Yay, thanks NAFA! Welcome to the linky love train part 2 he he..

I like what u wrote here NAFA,it's true! And I'm glad that we exchanged links and have remained good buddies till now, love ya!! :):):)

"Being careful with link exchanges is like being careful when choosing your friends. You would only accept friends who truly want to build a friendship with you instead of those who want to build a friendship just to take advantage of you in the end. "

Anonymous said...

I have an award for you -

Happy Holidays!

~Sandy G.

Rolando said...

Hey NAFA, thanks again for the tips! I lost interest in my page ranking many moons ago.


Hello GP!!

LOL! Don't worry Jesse will put up hers real soon. And glad we could join in this fantastic train ride!! Thanks for inviting us and reserving the best seats for us. U are the best lah GP! =)

U know, when someone quotes a sentence or two from any of our posts, we feel so honored coz it shows that we have spread a meaningful message somehow. Thanks for quoting that sentence from this post yeah? We really appreciate that! =)


Hello Sandy!

How are u doing? Oh an award? U are too kind Sandy! Ok will check it out and thanks a lot. =)

Hello Rolando!

LOL1 Yeah we acknowledge your sincerity all the while when u were still blogging. But glad u still wanted to read it and gain some knowledge! =)

Anonymous said...


This sure is some train ride and glad you are on it too :)

There's a Christmas card for you at my blog number 15, will help you to find your link easily lol.

Have a great week,


Hi Colin!!

Yeah we are having the ride of our lives and we are having lots of fun. Glad that u too get to join in the ride!

Oh a Christmas card for us? How nice of u. Sure, will go over to your blog number 15! Hehe.

Have a great week too Colin! =)

Bobby said...

Hi Nafa!!! Like Rolando...I lost interest in my rankings. When you get on a train in will raise your technorati authority temporarily...for exactly 180 days. If you for example just left your blog and wrote no more posts...eventually you will wind back up at a 0 authority. another light...a link train can enable you to meet many new people and gain valuable readers! Thanks for the informative aticle:)

I am truly sorry for not being have been one of my best blogging buddies and I really need you. Let us make this 2008 the best year ever:)

Your friend always,


Hi Bobby!

Good to see u again!

Agree with u that a linky love train lets u make more wonderful friends and attract more readers for sure. But we are very much aware that u gave lost interest in the rankings and all and u are just here to stay in contact with your friends, which we feel is a really nice gesture from u.

Glad u liked this article. And it's ok Bobby! U needed some time to recuperate and all that, but we're happy that u are fine now. We too hope for the best in our friendship for the coming 2008. =)

Good luck in everything u do, Bobby! Cheers. =)

LadyJava said...

Hi Nafa

Sorry so long never visit you. No real excuse so sorry ah!.. This is a great post and love that I am part of the train love..

Thanks and have a great weekend!



Hi LJ!!!

Oh no worries we understand. We too haven't visited u for a long time. Sorry ya? And glad u can be part of this enjoyable ride too! Thanks for your compliment on this article.

Hope your weekend had been great! Have a great week ahead! And happy new year to u. HUGZZZZ!!! =)

BroTee said...

Nice post. I sure will love to join the train, but the post did not explain how one is to join.
Saved By Jesus


Hello Brotee...

Thanks! Glad u like it. Hmm, we actually did explain how one can join the train.

We indicated the rule of the tag in our post, and that was to 'add your name (URL) below the person who tagged you and by doing so you are letting the list grow.' As for us, we placed our URL under 'Mariuca' coz she was the one who tagged us on this.

It's quite an easy one actually. The whole idea of it is to let the list grow and grow. =)