Steps In Gaining Parental Approval Of Your Relationship

Love happens when two people set eyes on each other by fate and develop a bond that cannot be broken by anyone or anything, till death do them part.

But one would question sometimes whether or not you are fated to be with someone when your relationship is very much disapproved by others, particularly your parents.

Gaining your parents’ approval of your heart-to-heart connection with someone is truly a measure of how much you believe that true love will prevail. Some people may very well capitulate, thinking that they are never going to surpass their parents’ disapproval. Others would still find the way out no matter what and how long it takes.

A true believer of love would go all out to resolve such strains. A true believer of love would definitely read this article…

Here, we would like to share with you some of the steps you can take if you are in need of gaining approval from your parents about the person you love and the bond that both of you share.

1. Be truthful about your involvement with your partner and why you feel he or she is the right one for you. Find some useful ways for your partner and your parents to meet up and learn more about one another, in terms of lifestyle, hopes and dreams, and even likes and dislikes.

2. When parents disapprove of their child’s involvement with someone, they would have a heap load of things to say about him or her. Still, do not walk away from them. Be a good child to them and open your ears to what they have got to say about your partner. After all, you need not necessarily agree to their opinions.

3. Refrain from using provocations or threats against your parents. Sometimes you just need to understand that they have got nothing but love for you, and want nothing but the best for you. Try to be gentler in the way you convince them, and do it at your own pace. If your partner really loves you, he or she would not mind waiting for two or three more years, or rather, would not force you into marriage too fast.

4. Bring your parents along to go for a counseling session or workshop pertaining to premarital issues. In this way, they may feel a little more at ease after getting the assurance that you are aware of the negative impacts of loving someone such as early marriage or even pregnancy before marriage.

5. If the disapproval from your parents is causing you to think twice about your decision to marry someone, postpone it or cancel it. It is actually less upsetting to cancel the wedding than to file a divorce.

6. You may have managed to gain approval from them to marry the one you love, but that does not mean they have developed a liking for your partner. There is such a thing called disapproval after marriage. Therefore, you and your partner should discuss the limitations in the connection between the both of you and the both of them. This would less likely cause any further strains between you and them, as well as between you and your spouse.

7. You need not pressurize your partner to be present for your family outings or get-together sessions, but you should also ensure that your partner does not restrict you from being with your family. Your relationship with your family should never be broken no matter what.

8. Disapproval from your parents can lead to lack of trust and major contradictions between you and your partner. If it reaches that point, it is advisable for both of you to seek help from a marriage consultant.

It goes without saying how rough love can be when two important people in your life are not favorable of the person you want to build a life with. But then again, one may not understand and appreciate the true meaning of love if there are no obstacles that both of you need to overcome.

To those who are going through this rough patch of love, we truly understand and we hope you can take this as a test of how much you and your partner love each other.

Remember, love is about being there for each other not only through good times, but also, through bad times.


Mariuca said...

Hello NAFA!! Am I the first commenter? Yipee!!!

You know, I too thought there was no hope for B and I, cause I wasn't sure if my parents would approve of me getting hitched to an ex, who broke up with me on very bad terms he eh he... but love has a way of prevailing and my parents were more than happy to approve our relationship when they found out we were back together again after 6 years of breaking up LOL!! So keep the faith alive and all will be well! :):):)


Hello GP!!

Congrats congrats and many congrats for being the FIRST commenter!! Yaaaaayyy!!!

Oh my! U and B once went through a breakup, and then got back together after six years?? That is like the most amazing love story we have ever heard! U are absolutely right GP. Love really has its ways of prevailing huh? And look at the both of u now! So happy together. Aww...and we're happy too that your relationship with B was very well approved by your parents despite the breakup.

To everyone of u reading this article, if our friend here, GP, can overcome this ordeal and eventually be happily married to her beloved husband, so can u! This is surely an inspirational love story for all, GP. =)=)=)

Mariuca said...

LOL!!!! Yeah la NAFA!!! Some more B was the one who dumped poor GP here, boleh? He he he ... Then I went to US and he to UK to further our studies... I came back earlier than him, and we met up again when our mutual friend asked both of us out. So I happily went la cause I thought 6 years is a long time and I'm over B... see see fall in love again almost immediately, that was so cool la. We never expected it to happen lolz!! :):):)

THE NAFASG TEAM said... sweet lah your love story. Now not only happy with your B, but also, got three lovely 'children'! Benji, Phoebe and Chubbs!! LOL!!!! Joking only...

But we're really happy that u and B have come so far in your marriage. It really shows that true love always wins in the end. =)

Mauro C. said...

Hi there... I gave one Inspiring Great Blog Award 2007 in 1 Million Love Messages :)

You can grab it here:

Rolando said...

This is a difficult one NAFA. What if the parents don't approve and the daughter respects her parents wishes, while at the same time says she loves you, then what do you do?

You can't bring the parents and daughter to counseling, because from their prospective, there is nothing wrong.

Yet you are caught in the middle of wanting to be with the girl of your dreams and her parents wishes.

Eventually, the parents win and you are stuck leaving the relationship in limbo. No girl and no approval.

What you can do however, is find out why? Why the parents won't approve? Is it because of your career path, lack of success, color of your skin, etc. If you know that than you can reassure the parents of your intentions and your plan to meet those expectations.

I'm sure parents want the best for their daughter. There might be things we have to look into ourselves before going to them for approval. Only you know what that is. :)


Hello Mauro C...

Wow an award? That's so cool! Thanks a lot. Will be right there to check it out yeah? Thanks again and have a happy new year. =)


Hello Rolando!

This is an absolutely valuable comment from u. Actually, writing this post kind of broke our hearts a little. Failing in love is the hardest thing someone would have to deal with...

U mentioned that it may not be appropriate to bring your parents for counseling coz eventually they will always stick to their own perceptions and principles. U got the point there actually. However, in this post, we were specifically talking about a counseling session or workshop regarding premarital issues. We know that such sessions won't guarantee their immediate approval, but at least they can guarantee their assurance that we know what is right and wrong in love.

We like the part of your comment where u mentioned that we should reflect on why the disapproval, and whether there is anything we ourselves need to improve on. Well after all, in most cases, parents know us better than we know ourselves. Hehe.

Thanks a lot for your comment Rolando. We sure have learnt a lot about this from u! =)

Rolando said...

Thanks NAFA, it unfortunate in a way because I had to live through this 'approval' lesson before. I guess that's why I know a little about.

It was tough for both of us to let go, because our feelings were the same, we were just forced to separate because of her parents.

Imagine someone ripping your heart out while it was still beating? Then them squeezing their hand. It was pleasant to say the least.

She later realized that she should have handled it differently. Though it was not premarital, it was definitely a love that has never been the same for both of us.

One really has to walk on egg shells in this type of situation. There were things I could have changed in my own life, but I was too young to do anything about it.

But such is life right? :)

JesseTheCat said...

I want to say that I hope you all have a fantastic New Year...and be happy,safe and enjoy whatever you may be planning!! Thanks for all your kindness and support in the Blogosphere,it means the world to me!! Here's to a whole New Year of great fun and online adventure as well :)
Hugs to you all

MakeTraffic said...

Hi Nafa, wonderful post!

Happy new year 2008! May 2008 be a great year for you! Cheers!

Rolando said...

Hi NAFA, just wanted to drop by and wish you a great New Year! :)


Hey Rolando!!

Thanks a lot!! A very happy new year to u and your family from all of us. It's been great having u in our blogging world and we will always treasure the friendship that we have created together. U ROCK!!! =)

And don't be too upset about the past ok? Sometimes it is the past that moulds us into better people at present and for the future. Look at u! U are now blessed with a beautiful lovely wife whom we believe will cherish u forever. We know u will be a happy man for life! Yeah!!! =)=)=)


Hello Jesse!!

Yay great to see u here!!! Hope u have a wonderful new year filled with joy and happiness always. Here's to our everlasting friendship and a prosperous 2008 for us all!!

Hugs and love from us to u, dear Jesse!! =)=)=)


Hello MT!!!

Thanks for coming here! Happy new year to u too, and may 2008 be a uear of success, joy and happiness for u. Here's to our everlasting friendship and we're so happy to have u in our blogging world.

Cheers and enjoy!!! =)

Rolando said...

Haha, that was many years ago NAFA. I'm way over that situation. Just sharing my experience, lol.

Hope you're having a great New Years!


Haha! Yeah we know that. But really appreciate u sharing your experiences with us. We can learn a lot more things about this from someone like u, that's for sure!

Our new year is excellent. Hope yours have been and will be an excellent one too! =)

bokjae said...

Hey just doing some new year visitation! Parental Approval? Nowadays the younger generation believes in FYI!


Hello Bokjae!

Thanks for visiting us. Hope your new year has been a great one so far!

LOL! u definitely know the younger generation well huh? But we're sure some of the lives of the younger generation out there are still constantly pre-determined by the parents. So hopefully this post would be helpful for such people who are facing this dilemma. Yeah! =)