Solutions To Boosting Wi-Fi Signals

The one thing that can bug the lives of Wi-Fi users the whole day through is when the router is unable to retrieve sufficient signals for users to gain access to Internet wirelessly and easily. All the hanging and sudden loss of Internet connection can be such a killer, especially when you are in the middle of an online conversation or typing an important email message. So you know very well that you have to crack your brain and think of the best solutions to at least lessen the burden of having to re-connect over and over again.

Let us help you out on this as we present you some useful tips here on how you can boost Wi-Fi signals regularly and cut down on the problem of getting disconnected too often.

The position of the router actually plays an integral part in receiving as much Wi-Fi signals as possible. If the router is placed somewhere that is a little cramped and narrow, it may not be able to retrieve lots of signals.

In other words, the bigger the space, the more signals can be collected. Therefore, it is always best to place the router on a spacious area, whether at home or at your workplace, so as to gain more signals and smoothen wireless connection.

A router that is placed behind the desk may not be able to function well in terms of retrieval of signals. So what you should do is to let it ‘lean’ on a wall, which can apparently lengthen the distance between the router and any connection interruptions that are bound to happen. This, too, can boost Wi-Fi signals easily.

Purchase a booster antenna and plug it into your router. Ensure that you point the antenna towards the direction where there is a possibility of receiving huge amount of Wi-Fi signals.

Make use of a repeater. What a repeater does is that it gets you connected to the Internet wirelessly, and the next time you want to get connected, it is there for you to click on again. One example of a repeater is Linksys. You would get to see this name every time you wish to connect to the Internet, and you should always make use of it as that will continue to boost your Wi-Fi signals at all times.

Insert a powerline extender instead of the conventional Ethernet cable. One should be inserted in the router itself, and the other in the socket located in an open area. The powerline will help to deliver the Wi-Fi signals to the computer without needing a cable, and even guarantee a smooth flow of the signals, thus reducing the constant loss of Internet connection.

Here is another interesting tip of the day! You can even boost your Wi-Fi signals using a mobile phone. Amazing!

Watch this video and see how a mobile phone can do wonders to your wireless Internet connection.

Hope these tips can brighten your day and put a smile on your faces, especially to those of you who are still working hard to figure out how you can gain all the Wi-Fi signals you need. All in all, it takes creativity, patience and strategic planning to increase the signals and make certain that the Internet will not get away from you.

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