Be Smarty! Choose Smorty!

It takes absolute smartness when it comes to choosing a blogging and advertising network that can benefit both bloggers and advertisers. But we know exactly the place that can make you bloggers and advertisers give yourselves a pat on your shoulders for making a smart move, and that place is none other than Smorty!

Smorty strives to keep in contact with its fellow bloggers and advertisers, and play a major part in creating an experience that bloggers and advertisers would never want to get out of.

Smorty gives advertisers the right of entry to place their advertisements using spaces from thousands of outstanding blogs with elite contents. It will propagate the advertisement information and invite bloggers via email to post their reviews on your advertisement. Besides that, the reviews are subjected to your consent and you are only required to pay for the approved posts, so you have the liberty to take your pick on those superlative articles, and control your costs!

With the freedom to choose your first-class reviews, and all the finest blogs writing about your advertisements and linking back to you, Smorty promises to bring in a mounting load of traffic just for you and a search engine ranking that keeps on rising, all in two shakes!

Bloggers, Smorty will not just leave you to provide everything for the advertisers without being rewarded. Yes, you will taste your fruits of labour too! For every posted advertisement review that has been approved, it is an opportunity for you to blog for money. Email invitations to write reviews will be sent personally to you, and best of all, you will get paid for your approved posts on weekly basis! How munificent Smorty can be.

All these can actually be achieved with a snap of your fingers! Simply select the categories that you are keen on writing about, write and submit your reviews for consent, and blog for money! You can even grab the opportunity to write reviews on numerous blogs and become much richer than you can ever imagine.

Thirst for the earnings and rankings that you have been longing for? Then let Smorty quench that thirst for you! Hurry and be part of the dynamic team of Smorty’s allied bloggers and advertisers by clicking on Smorty’s official website.

Think and act smart. Make Smorty your gateway to superior optimization and monetization of your advertisements and blogs today!

Smorty Blog Advertising


Anonymous said...

Yes, I love smorty hehe:)

Monday Morning Power said...

I cannot think of a more deserving recipient.

I have created my own award and am very pleased to say that you are among the very first group of recipients. Come on by and claim your prize.

Lee Chien said...

i also joined smorty.. :D


Yes Thira, we love Smorty too!!!

Anyway hope u are doing good. Take care and thanks for coming. =)


Hello Mel!

Wow an award from u? That's so cool! Thank u. Will come over and collect it! =)=)=)

Hello Lee Chien!

Yes Smorty is the best. U surely made the right choice. Smorty rocks!! =)

FL Sam said...

I live Smorty after PPP. So far the second best in terms of paid reviews.

Come check out my site and join VerveEarth, the is a new way to surf the net and drive traffic to your blog. :)


Hello Flsam...

Thanks for your comments on Smorty. Even if it's your second best, we are very very glad that u make Smorty your choice. =)

Wow VerveEarth? That's something new to us! Must check it out. Coming over! =)

Mariuca said...

Wow, Mel's avatar is so cool!

Nafa, I'm sure ul be doing great with Smorty, just like the rest! :)

Oh and what's this about VerveEarth? Must go visit Uncle Sam now! ;)


Hello GP!!

Yay GP is here to give some comment love!!! =)

Yeah we love the avatar Mel gave us. He is such a generous person to give it to us! And he definitely has more cool awards in store for all his fellow friends, so be on the lookout yeah? U could be his lucky award recipient coz u are an award winning blogger! =)

And yes, we hope to go on doing well with Smorty. It is awesome! And we know u will do great with it too. Oh about the VerveEarth, u must check it out. It is so cool! A brand new and more advanced way to get connected to the world. Thanks to Uncle Sam for providing this info to us! And thanks again to u for your comment love. =D

Mariuca said...

He he, of course must give comment love to my favourite blogger team! Here's more love and hugs for NAFA! :):):)


Yay more hugs and love from GP!! Thank u sweetie. *hugzzz*