Recover Your Windows XP Passwords With The FREE Ophcrack Software

Readers, please take note that this article is written to educate you on how to recover lost passwords. It does NOT teach you how to hack others’ passwords.

Thought that you may never be able to figure out what your password is once you have lost it? Think no more! There is a way for you to get the password back, with the all-new Ophcrack password cracker. The Ophcrack helps retrieve lost passwords so that you need not fret about not being able to log in to an application that requires passwords.

All these are being done using rainbow tables, which come in different kinds and serve to recover different kinds of passwords such as passwords with up to 14 characters and passwords with numerals in them. It has an integrated Graphical User Interface and GTK, and works well with Windows, Mac OS X and Linux.

The Ophcrack also offers the Ophcrack LiveCD that comprises a small Linux system, Ophcrack for Linux operating system and rainbow tables specially designed to crack passwords containing both letters and numerals.

No installation and administration password are required to start up the software. Just boot from the CD and you can let the software help you to recover passwords mechanically!

Watch this video to learn more about how Ophcrack lets you recover passwords instantly. It provides you step-by-step guide on the process of password recovery using the Ophcrack. It is simple!

Ophcrack can save you from all the trouble of losing your passwords. So get your own Ophcrack right away by downloading the software via the website. It is free of charge and easy to download! Best of all, it is compatible with all Windows, Mac and Linux operating systems.

Stop cracking your brains to get back your lost passwords. Just trust Ophcrack to get them back for you!


Bobby said...

This is why windows has no security!
When you look in windows you can look at the system 32 file. This is why it has no security.

With linux you cannot look at anything or alter anything without the root password. Windows doesn't have a root password, thus enabling program like this to crack the hash in the SAM file!

It's interesting how this is now a readily available program!

Very informative post Nafa!!!!!

Apple said...

Windows has no security? Yet more popular than any other OS. lol

thanks NAFA, for the great info.


Hi Bobby and Apple...

There sure is something about Windows that can grab people's attention so easily despite the fact that it does not provide much security.

But as for this program, we think it is cool. This program is basically all about retrieving a password that u have lost, and it saves all the burden u have to carry.

Glad u both like the post. Thanks a lot! =)