FREE CALLS TO CELLPHONES in USA, Canada, China, Hong Kong and Singapore

This is not a sponsored post but it is something we would like to share with our readers. Do you know that you can make calls via the Internet? And do you know that Internet calls made can be more cheaply and easily than the conventional calls via mobile operators?
Now, FREE CALLS TO CELLPHONES in USA, Canada, China, Hong Kong and Singapore. Let Truphone make all that happen for you! With Truphone, you can make calls to Truphone users for free, and to other mobile phone users at absolutely low prices. You can get connected to people wherever they are without having to pay for roaming fees, inbound fees, downloading fees and monthly fees. It offers free landlines for up to 40 countries worldwide. It is a must-have for all!

All you have to make sure of is that the venue allows you to gain access to Wi-Fi, but as you know, Wi-Fi can be accessed easily no matter where you are. You can make Internet calls from your home, workplace, public spots and other areas that offer hotspots like cafeterias, coffee shops and airports.

Just carry out the installation and you are all set to enjoy your phone conversations with ease. Truphone effectively works on the Nokia N-Series and E-Series mobile phones for a start, and is on its way to making it work on other prominently used mobile phones.

Watch this video to learn more about the installation process of Truphone in your mobile phone.

Craving to experience the luxury of staying connected to every part of the world while enjoying a cup of coffee in the comfort of your own home? Then get accessed to Wi-Fi, install, and let the magic of Truphone get you connected affordably and conveniently to the whole world.

Enticed? Visit their official site to find out for more information.


JesseTheCat said...


A very helpful post indeed! I wish I lived in one of the supported countries, sadly no south africa, (is there??) on the list so I cannot call you and say hi! ha ha, ...I think that its very sweet of you to share this with everyone, there are many bloggers who want to call overseas and dont know where to start!
its amazing to see how much technology is changing all the time.Not too long ago, an overseas call could bankrupt a person, now with all the new kids on the block, calls are happily becoming cheaper all the time :)
by the way, what tag were you referring to??
Thanks for all your wonderful support and I hope that your week ahead is really cool :)


Hello Jesse...

Hmm...maybe south africa is in the list coz with Truphone, free landlines are opened for up to 40 countries worldwide. So u can go to the website at and check it out. Anyway don't mention. We always like to share the latest and interesting stuff in the market that can benefit others. And yes! Calling overseas is much easier and cheaper now. All thanks to technology! =)

Oh abt the tag, we had to take it off for the moment, but will put it up in a few days' time. Will inform u again once it is being put up again ok?

Thanks for your support too. U have been so wonderful to us. U have a great week ahead too! Take care. =)