Tough But Worthwhile: Tips On Fighting Bulimia

BulimiaWhat happens when the only thing that is in your mind is to be slim and sexy? You may be seeing yourselves resorting to measures that are claimed to be the ‘easy way out’ for you to achieve the desirable body shape. You will go into bingeing, the act of eating to your heart’s content continuously, even after feeling full. Once you are done with bingeing, you will have the urge to get rid of all the food you have consumed by means of purging, the deliberate act of vomiting out all that is stored in your body.

You would even turn to drugs, slimming pills and cigarettes that are thought to help you lose appetite and weight. This cycle will just keep going on and on in your life, all because you lose control of your psychological self that keeps drumming into your head about how FAT you are, even when you are not.

Are you facing this trauma in your life? Or have you met someone who is going through this ordeal?

Then it is time that you do something about it because this is a serious medical illness that, if not being treated, can be fatal. This is what we call as Bulimia. Bulimia is common among women from every part of the globe. In every country, you will hear of women, and even teenage girls, suffering from this illness that is actually caused by the emotional setbacks that got the better of them.

Everything happens for a reason, and they sure have a reason or reasons that have driven them into such extreme measures. They could probably be deeply affected by what people around them felt about their body sizes. Perhaps they were once called ‘fat’! And perhaps being ‘fat’ makes them feel derelict and detested by others.

That word may just be made of three letters but can turn one’s life upside down. So they would think to themselves that there should be a faster and easier way for them to turn their lives right side up, plunging themselves into bingeing, purging, smoking and consumption of drugs, instead of proper dieting and exercising.

Woman Smoking Cigarette Such desperation and addiction to these habits can make them lose track of the fact that all these will not do their body sizes any better, but instead, will cause them more and more health complications. In worse case scenarios, this illness could lead to death.

Trying to get rid of bulimia is going to be a tough battle, as long as you let your mind and soul take control of you and remind you of how fat you are, even though you are so thin that your ribs could be seen protruding. So the basis of this is that you have got to stop thinking you are fat! And even if you are not thin, you should still learn to love yourself.

So fight this illness now! For those of you who happened to know of women or teenage girls who are encountering this problem, help them, because they cannot do this alone.

Below are some ways for all bulimics to fight and win this battle:

1. Seek professional advice from doctors or therapists whom you can discuss about the problem.

2. Write about how you feel about yourself and what people have been saying of you. Releasing your emotional contents do help in stabilizing your psychological self and preventing you from making foolish attempts to your body weight.

3. Keep yourself occupied with activities that put a smile on your faces, like watching television, listening and grooving to your favourite songs, or having fun chatting and laughing with your friends and family. Being pre-occupied with such activities will contribute a lot to your well-being and health status, and keep your mind away from the issue of being fat.

4. Practise a healthier lifestyle by having a balanced diet and carrying out exercises. Check out our post on Tips On Losing Weight.

5. Talk it out to a friend whom you can trust. Fighting bulimia alone is hard, so you would need someone to cushion you during this point in time and encourage you to rebuild your life once again.

6. Go for a spa or facial treatment. In other words, beautify yourself. Such treatments not only enhance your beauty, but also, they can be a form of therapy for your body and soul. Every woman, whether fat or thin, has every right to look radiant, so just get on your feet and make yourself fabulous without caring too much about your size. You can beautify yourself in terms of your dressing too.

7. Heal your emotional wounds. Take over your mind and soul that have been playing tricks on you, and then remind yourself that you are not fat, you are beautiful and there are people who will love you for who you are no matter what the size of your body is.

In maintaining a shapely body and acceptable weight, there is no such thing as an easy way out. You will need to put in some effort and it takes time, but you will realize that it is all worth the effort.

In fact, isn’t it better that you are not so thin but your life is always full of chirpiness and colours, rather than being so skinny and yet you have got nothing but misery darkening your life?

So starting from today, fight bulimia. This article that we have written is here to assist you in your fight against this deadly illness. So do take some time to read it.

And remember, you can begin this battle by loving yourself with all your heart, and believe that there are others who will truly love you just the way you are.


Rolando said...

Thanks for letting us know NAFA! Hope that people needing help can follow the tips here.


Hey Rolando!

Ya we hope we can reach out to those who are in need of these tips. Thanks for reading this! =)

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NafaSg said...

Hello Treatment Shop!

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Anonymous said...

I'm sorry but these tips on how to battle this disease, aside from the first one about seeking help, are bogus. I have been battling this disease for over 10 years, and prior to that I was coping with my sisters bulimia. its not something that you can just "battle" with a couple of tips. Bulimia is a friend and a foe that you love to hate (if you're suffering from it). Suggesting you "talk it out with a friend you trust" isn't usually an option for most people. this is something that is extremely private and embarrassing and you don't just decide to talk to a friend about takes a lot of prep work to build that courage and I haven't reach that point even yet. watching tv?? seriously? thats about the worst thing you can do. being active helps but sometimes I find that when i exercise its an excuse to binge more. Luckily i've been able to recognize my patterns of weakness, typically linked to hormones or feelings of social vulnerability.The only thing i find that helps is to be surrounded by people at all times, and preferably people who make you feel good (although I've definitely been able to sneak away momentarily when I'm really out of control). But sometimes you need to study alone, work alone, or feel depressed and don't want to see people. Thats when it strikes. when i eat in private THATS when i lose control. Im not trying to be negative or discouraging, I'm being realistic. Seek professional help and try try try to reach out to your family for help. but these "tips" just won't work for most people. Im really sorry for anyone who is really suffering this illness or knows a family member who is going through it. good luck.