Essential Tips To Care For Your Laptop

In today’s context, whether you are working, studying, or simply home making, you would not feel complete without the presence of a laptop. Hence, you should never take your laptops for granted. They need to be cared for too!

So here are some ways for you to take good care of your laptops:

§ The surface of your desk should be steady to avoid your laptop from dropping. Dropping a laptop can cause internal damages to it. If there is a dent on the casing, please seek professional laptop servicing assistance.

§ Refrain from exposing your laptop to fluids and rain, and avoid switching on the modem when there are thunderstorm and showers.

§ Be careful not to drop any item, especially heavy ones, onto the laptop. Do not deliberately place any object onto it as well, as it can cause problems to the hardware components.

§ Keep your laptop away from filthy and dusty areas. Clean your keyboards and monitor screen as often as you can so that your laptop will not be collecting dust and dirt in time.

§ Do not touch the display panel with your bare fingers. If you need to point out something that is on the panel, make sure that your finger is a few inches away from the panel.

§ As important as it is not to expose your laptop to heavy rain, it is also important that you do not expose it to too much sunlight and extreme heat that goes beyond 50°C. It can lead to overheating of the components, which will cause extensive damages to your laptop. Store it at room temperature at all times.

§ Do not place it near magnetic materials as the magnetic attraction can take away all your data stored in the laptop.

§ Storing it in a too cold temperature is also not advisable, as the laptop will not boot. It should be kept at a place with a temperature of 32°C.

§ When discarding the batteries, do not destroy them with fire, as it will lead to major explosion. Read the instructions on your manual carefully to find out how the batteries should be properly disposed.

§ If a drink spatters on your laptop, quickly unplug the laptop from the main sockets, switch it off, take out the battery and keep it in a place with room temperature for drying. If the spillage causes some internal faults in the laptop, call for technical assistance immediately.

With these tips, maintaining your laptop will be made simple and hassle-free for you. So do take note of them!

But right now, we would like to share with our readers one of the latest that has joined the series of laptops.

We are talking about the all-new Panasonic Toughbook! And believe us, it is tough. So tough that it can withstand anything!

Want to know more? Then enjoy this short video presentation of the Toughbook that was being put to the test. Will it pass the test? You will find out.

Still having doubts? Then watch this video on how Panasonic Toughbook was put up to the test to the maximum!

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Mariuca said...

Wow, that IS one tough laptop! Yes, I watched the video too!

I just threw out my old laptop last week! I used to love laptops but switched to PC after a few laptops failed to satisfy me needs. But they're still cool to have, can play games on my bed! :):):)
Good tips NAFA!

NAFASG said...

Yes! The Genie Princess loves our tips. Thank u GP! *hugs* Oh yeah the Toughbook is really tough. Like the Genie King. Hehe!

Yeah laptops are actually portable. Guess that explains why laptops are cool. But just like PC, they too need good maintenance.

Hmm...if u are thinking of buying a new laptop next time, u can always refer to our tips here yeah?

Mariuca said...

NAFA, the GP will def refer to ur site for any all the tips she needs! And if she needs some on those u don't already have here, she'll just send Benji over with the request! NAFA rocks! :):):)

NAFASG said...

No problemo! Glad to be at your service our dear Genie Princess and Benji. =)

Rolando said...

Good tips NAFA! Unfortunately we already did a booboo with tip 2. My wife accidentally spilled water onto one of our laptops.

Now the left, right, up, down buttons don't work as they used to, hahaha

We should have read this before hand.


NAFASG said...

Hi Rolando, Does your wife intend to buy a new laptop?

If so, then these tips would come in handy. Anyway thanks for your time in reading this..glad that you like the tips. =)

Bobby said...

Thanks for the tips Nafa! I really liked the video, but I bet I could break it with a sledge hammer! They need to send it to me and I'll send it back in pieces, ha ha ha:)

NAFASG said...

Hi Bobby,

Yeah , perhaps they could hire you for the ultimate test. haha! Glad you like the tips =)

Bobby said...

They need to just send one to me! Of course I would keep it and change my name lol:)

Rolando said...

Hi NAFA, nope we're using that laptop until it deteriorates, hahaha.

Nothingman said...

complex blog man, too much information, I like the design though,...another thing i'd like to add about laptops is that keep em safe, in teh sense keep them under lock and key so that they can't be stolen, believe me in my part of the world, i have seen many laptops get stolen! It sucks to be that:P


NAFASG said...

Hehe! That's a funny one Bobby. Wonder what name u would be using to replace your current one. =)

Hey Rolando...oh u guys will be using it till it deteriorates? U are really trying to save up cost. Good one! =)

Hi Nothingman...

Thanks for your feedback on our site. We aim to be an informative site that can give tips on life's affairs and reviews on the best buys. This explains why our site is filled with information. =)

Anyway thanks for another good tip on laptop care. Yup, it is important to keep your laptop safe too! =)