Don’t Just Watch. Observe!

 A meerkat standing on a rock. The problem with many of us here is that we make use of our eyes just to see or watch something.

But do you realize that we are granted with eyes for a better reason than that?

Our eyes are actually meant to observe rather than to just see or watch. It all comes together with the mind.

After all, the mind controls all the organs in your body system, including your eyes. If we just let our minds do the work without us making some effort to ‘mould’ our minds, that is when we will only view the surface of things.

When you watch a television program or a video, all you would do is watch, and eventually, you would not comprehend what you have just watched. When you are writing or typing something, all you would do is write or type it, and then find yourself creating spelling or grammatical errors. When you see someone doing something, all you would do is see it, without knowing whether he or she is doing the right thing.

On the other hand, if we can set our minds to work together with our eyes, we can be more observant of our surroundings. You would be able to understand the message behind the television show or video, take notice of the errors in your write-ups and immediately amend them, and judge someone’s actions and take actions whenever necessary.

Our minds can play tricks on us, but we have the willpower to avoid being tricked. Therefore, always set your minds to work well with your eyes, as that will contribute to your self-consciousness and intelligence in seeing the underlying messages behind something.

Now here is a little something that could probably test how observant you are. Everyone, sit back, relax, enjoy the show… and do not just watch. Observe!


Bobby said...

Great post and cool video! I went to some advertising seminars in college about hidden images and messages in advertising.

That video was amazing and so many people are completely unaware of how commonly known shapes hidden in pictures can really influence our perception and alter our feelings.

The artist featured in the video was amazing and I found the video very enlightening! Great job Nafa:)


Hi Bobby,

We too agreed that the video is enlightening for our viewing. Back at college, we also attended such seminars.

This video definitely justifies the meaning of reading between the lines.

Glad that you enjoyed the video, Bobby. Thank you... =)

Rachel said...

very interesting post! it proves that first impressions aren't necessarily true, most of the time.


Hi Rachel,

Yup, agree on what you have said...first impressions aren't always necessarily true. Thanks for dropping by.. =)

Mariuca said...

Hi NAFA! What a cool video, very fun to watch. Envy the guy's talent to draw, made it look so damn easy ;)

Genie Princess

J@n!ce said...

Thanks for sharing a good post. Love the video. What a talented pair of hands. It looks really fun drawing there, I could not even draw a bird lah.... sigh !!

Good ONE :)

Janice Ng


@Marzie - Yeah, i agree with you, that guy is talented..not all first impression counts eh? =)

@Janice - Thanks. Glad that you like the post. Yeah, drawing can be fun..Cool isnt it? Perhaps you can enrol zach or amos into art class one day..and impress mummy!

Bobby said...

I'd like to point out to your readers that the images of genitalia are purposefully woven and hidden in pictures like this everywhere. Children's cartoons are actually one of the places they are used. The picture is an illusion simply to hide the sex image, and it subliminally changes our perceptions in an unrealized but powerful way!

Nafa is awesome:)


Hi Bobby,

Wow! Thanks for sharing the info. Hmm.."images of genitalia are purposefully woven and hidden in pictures"...what you have said made me thinking there.

I guess you are right afterall..perhaps it is part of an illusion that play such mind games.

Thanks Bobby! You're awesome too!

Lisa C said...

Very insightful post, Nafa! I found it through a post from Bobby's blog.

The video was a great thought provoker. I sat here in shock and in disbelief. I couldn't get over the fact that what I was seeing and what was really there were two different things in something so simple. It's an eye opener when you find out what the subliminal message is in the simplest things.

I agree, we are responsible for becoming more aware.

I will share this post with others.



Hi Lisa,

I am glad that you find this article an eye opener for you and other reader out there.

We acknowledge that you would like to share this post with others.

Thank you, Lisa =)
Have a great week!