Tips On Intimacy

Intimacy – Staying Strongly Bonded Emotionally And Physically

Intimacy is a certainty to couples that have not known each other for too long. During the courting stages of the relationship, couples would just portray themselves as two tender, loving and caring individuals, without a care of whether they are being watched by others or not.

They would be living in the world of their own, and the only thing that sticks in their minds is to hold on to each other until the end of time and not let anything or anyone tear them apart.

Getting intimate is one thing…but staying intimate is another.

Wondered how couples that have been married for several years could still stay close to each other, despite facing each other every single day, hour and minute?

Wondered why some couples that have known each other only for a short period of time, could discontinue being intimate and even end their relationship abruptly?

First of all, let us explore the possible causes of lack of intimacy between the couple:

v When one gets so intimate with the other, the other may feel restricted physically and obligated to please the partner.

v One of the two individuals could have been touched before and feels despicable about being touched again. This is especially common among women.

v One fears that his or her family members and friends would be cast aside if he or she grows so close to the partner.

v One could have phobia of trusting the partner and, in the end, be taken advantage of. It usually happens to an individual who had encountered this misfortune before.

v Overall perception of intimacy among couples is that sex is a must. Not everyone can be easily up for it because he or she would ponder more on the painful side of sex rather than the pleasurable side of it.

All these tend to develop due to the individual’s loss of control over his or her emotions towards intimacy. When this happens to one, the other would feel discarded, worthless, and ugly.

This matter is treatable. It all lies in the hands of the two people who can make or break the relationship…

We will guide you a little on ways to improve intimacy among each other, even after being attached for so long:

1. Treat each other like best friends. It would be sweet to constantly remind each other of anything associated with love, but do not indulge too much in it. Both of you can talk about everything else under the sun like what friends would do. In this way, both will feel less restricted, and in fact, fondness in your hearts will develop even further.

2. Do not let the past haunt you. The thought of plunging yourself into a relationship mistakenly before this can cause a permanent scar, but do not let the scar conquer your affections for your partner. Think ahead and plan for your future together. That can keep your mind off the haunting past.

3. Balance your time with you partner and your family and friends. You can bring your partner along to meet up with your family members and friends when they call you up for gatherings or outings.

4. As mentioned in the second solution, do not let the past haunt you. Do not let your previous bitter experience of being taken advantage of stop you from trusting your partner. What happened in the past may not necessarily happen again in the present and future. Give your partner a chance, and get to know him or her.

5. Only talk about sex when the right time comes. Do not pressurize each other with the topic. Love is not all about sex. And sex cannot work without love. Take it slowly. If true love prevails among the both of you, the feeling of wanting sex would come naturally.

Intimacy does not come and go with age. Age is not the cause of the couple’s need for intimacy or loathe for intimacy. Eventually, it all depends on the two individuals who come together and form a bond between each other.

Good luck in maintaining a wonderful relationship. May your bonds stay strong and may your love stay alive till eternity…


WaterLearner said...


Thanks! Very good tips on how to keep the romance alive in a relationship after many years!

It is very common that the fire will seem to stop burning as two people are together for two long.

I find the tip to treat each other as best friends especially useful and important!


Mariuca said...

Nafa, ur post is making me miss hubbs more :(:(:( SOB! But great tips! Hubbs is my best friend, we're very close and do almost everything together! Which explains why when he's away, I am incomplete... come and console me NAFA! Bring ur Nafadog along he he he... Night night guys! :)

NAFASG said...

Hi WaterLearner...

Hey thanks for dropping by! Glad we could give u the right tips for intimacy.

Hi Marzie...

Aww..dont feel down ok? The NAFA happy go lucky people will entertain u ok? =)

Mariuca said...

He he, thanks NAFA. You guys are so cool, bringing ur Nafadog over today and giving me fresh popcorn and all to make me feel better! Love ya! :)

NAFASG said...

Love ya too Marzie! U also have been a source of entertainment to us, bringing the cutey Benji to our place. Glad we could make u feel better! =)