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Hey, Don: Our Chosen Source Of Information On Financial Management

Scroll down to our Networking Partners and you will definitely come across a web link that goes by the name of ‘Hey, Don’, initiated by an individual named Don Simkovich.

Browse through his articles and you will find superbly informative articles on financial concerns, posted personally by the man himself. He gives valuable advice on financial aspects like what to do when making investments, real estate management, and tips on foreign exchange investments.

He was even generous in spreading his knowledge to his readers on what constitutes a bad financial advisor. His website is the trusty website in giving everyone a clear overall picture of how one manages his or her finances.

Mr. Don Simkovich

Recently, he had taken his time to interview the NAFASG TEAM to find out more about us. We really appreciate his offer to interview us, and are looking forward to more of his educational articles to come.

For all the essential tips and what you need to know about managing your finances effectively, you can always count on Mr. Don Simkovich to provide you these information.

Visit his blog at and get yourself skilled in financial management in no time!


Don Simkovich said...

Thank you for the kind words. I truly appreciate it. It does make me consider the value of each post and to keep striving to write high quality content.

Thank you all . . . I'll be posting a link to your site . . . after I finish painting the house this weekend *smile*

NAFASG said...

Hi Don...

Thanks for your response to this write-up of u. We are glad that u like it! U should value your posts because they are very useful and educational for all your readers.

Keep up the good work! =)

JaMiLLa said...

I really love the explanation of your blogging goal in the interview with Don.

Sharing your area of study through blogging. Your team are helping people who is willing or allowing themself to make a change or difference in their life. If they think ur article is useful, they will pick it up and apply to their daily life, thats their will. Whereas people who ignore your valuable information, they dont allow themself to apply it. There is no right or wrong in any matter. Its about CHOICE that we make in each and every second.

I really feel great and touching that I have found someone who had the same vision with me, thats NAFA team!

The reason why I'm blogging is, more or less, has the same goal with ur team. Sharing knowledge to everyone. I would re-describe it as a connection between people. This connection is meant to be meaningful in terms of uplifting people who needs the help.

Please kindly read one of my articles.

Its my blog purpose! My writing is more towards uplifting and inspiring people to overcome its challenge. It can be categorised as Inspiration and Awareness of Life.

One of my favourite quotes by Vern, The Idea Dude, the owner of TheGoodBlogs saying, "Sometimes sharing the dots is better than being a dot."

Its about connecting the dots together. When many dots are connecting to each other, the energy will be more powerful than a dot itself. It is in the same line of networking.

I will keep in touch with your blog. I show my thousands of appreciation to your team in helping people positively.

Great Job! Keep connecting, sharing and networking!!

NAFASG said...

Hi Jamilla...

The NAFA team is so elated to receive such kind comments from u. We really appreciate your support and faith in our blog. We will continue to provide more informative articles that we can all share to our kind and loyal readers like yourself.

We will give our fullest support to your blog too. We are honored to be staying in touch with a friendly blogger like you, who also shares the same sentiments as us, which is to spread your knowledge to others. We, too, have faith in you. Keep up the good work! =)