Extreme Makeover: Home Edition

Reality shows have been conquering television screens worldwide, and this show is not an exception. We are talking about Extreme Makeover: Home Edition!

Extreme Makeover was first known as a show that made significant changes to physical images of ordinary people in America. In this show, the significant changes are made to HOMES in America, which in turn can change the lives of families drastically.

This episodic reality series can get you sitting on your couch all the way. What makes this show so amazing is that the extreme changes made to the houses, which normally take about four months to be done, can actually be done within seven days! One would be mesmerized with the professionalism of the team of designers, led by Ty Pennington, who can make families’ dream houses come to life.

This team of designers will make a surprise visit to deserving families and convey the good news to them. They will have to wait for seven days to enter their humble abode once again, and when they do, they will be shocked with their houses’ brand new look and attitude.

Sneak Preview Of Extreme Makeover: Home Edition

This show has not only changed their homes, but has also proven to renew the lives of these families. You can expect joy and laughter, tears and screams of excitement! It is not just a show about changing images of homes, but also a show that brings love and joy in families of America.

Extreme Makeover Home Edition has reached its fourth season and has become one of the most-watched television series, and has also clinched Emmy Awards for Best Reality Program over the years.

Visit their official website to find out more about the emotional rides that families and the designers have to endure to eventually create the most beautiful homes and improve the lives of American families.

Extreme Makeover Home Edition is unquestionably a must-watch.
To Ty Pennington and the crew, keep up the great work!


FL Sam said...

What an Amazing Show. You really can feel and experience the joy and laughter, tears and screams. I believe this show will be making its way to Asia when they got the rights.:)

Fzi Rsl said...

Oh well, is it true that they build up everything within 7 days?? I doubt so. Well it's because, a cement needs to dry up for like say, 2-3days. Besides, a house should ensure safety. 7 days to build a house is really scary, no.. I don't know. What do you think?

NAFASG said...

Hi fl sam...

Thanks for your comments on the show. Yeah we'll see if it makes its way to Asia. Back in Singapore they do have shows abt makeover of people's bedrooms and living rooms. But as for changing houses, haven't heard of one yet. Maybe coming soon. =)

Hi fzi rsl...

I understand what u mean. It sounds too good to be true that a house can be done within seven days. But the show must have employed unbelievably skilled designers who can make that happen. Who knows? =)

Mariuca said...

Hello NAFA! I love watching all these makeover shows, esp Queer Eye, it's great to see the makeovers those lucky ppl get on their homes huh? I also like watching those body makeover shows, loved The Swan, but they no longer show it here in M'sia! Now, if only someone will surprise me with a makeover for my place, how cool would that be huh? ;)

NAFASG said...

Hello Marzie!!!

So you're a makeover fanatic huh? And you're wishing to have a makeover? Great! Keep on hoping coz it may just come true! We're certainly looking forward to that day. :D

One thing about makeover shows is that the changes are just so unbelievably awesome. Just like this Home Edition! Seeing small cramped houses turning into mansions can be so heartfelt!

Mariuca said...

NAFA!!!! What happened to ur sbox??? I came by to say goodbye before my hotel stay and couldn't find it anywhere!! :(:(:(

Anyway, thanks for the b'day feature, I LOVE IT! Will make sure to include u guys in my second bday post later! Love ya NAFA!! But what happened to ur sbox! Bring it back!! :):):)

PS. Take care of Benji for me, I'll be by to collect him tomo!

NAFASG said...


Sorry abt this coz er...we wanted to change our site look. Anyway the sbox in under Our Discussion section. =)

Anyway so nice of u to want to include us in your second post. Looking forward to seeing it. In the meantime u take care n enjoy your hotel stay ok? We will take care of Benji for u! Love ya too!