Bearing The Consequences?

Premarital Sex: Do You Want To Bear The Consequences?
We are always taught since young to think before we act and that advice goes a long way. Heeding a priceless advice like this can make an immense difference in our way of life, and same goes when we do not heed it…

What can be most agonizing about not taking this advice seriously is that you will end up doing something without thinking, and worse still, bearing the unpleasant consequences that can turn your life upside down.

What we like to share with you is an act that can come from someone who does not want to reflect on the price he or she has to pay for doing it. This act is pre-marital sex.

First and foremost, we need to explore the results of carrying out pre-marital sex…

Ø You will become parents even before marriage.

Ø The female has to tolerate the pain and agony of carrying a child even before she is prepared for it.

Ø Both parties will be looked down on by friends and loved ones for carrying out a disgraceful action.

Ø Unnecessary conflicts will arise between the couple, causing friction in the relationship.

Ø The most unbearable and visible consequence of pre-marital sex: the baby. He or she would not be regarded as an ordinary child, but rather, an illegitimate child who was a result of lustrous desires and would grow to become an outcast in the eyes of the society.

In worse case scenarios, those ‘parents’ who do not wish to fulfill their responsibilities towards the child would abort or murder him or her. Ponder everyone!The ‘parents’ are the ones committing the sin and the poor child has to be punished brutally by being left unborn or being short-lived, when he or she has nothing to do with their horrendous actions.

What triggers two people to submit themselves to each other illegitimately?

Let’s look at these pulling factors:

Ø Being drunk and delusional can turn someone into a beast hungry for physical attraction.

Ø Failure to control sexual emotions can lead someone to doing such an act being carried out.

Ø Lack of life’s principles can make you go off-track.

Ø Being less educated on the issues concerning sex can also be a factor in this matter.

Ø Perhaps stress, too, can cause someone to plunge him or herself into it. Still, aren’t there better ways to release stress rather than this? There is only one simple tip on refraining yourself from immersing into this act. Avoid those factors listed above! But we will still list the tips down to provide more comprehensive information on how to handle this matter:

Ø Control your sexual emotions because you have the will to do it. This willpower can only work if you remind yourself to do so.

Ø Equip your life with principles that can raise you up as a better person.

Ø Learn more about the issues pertaining to sex. Attend sex education courses that can give you more details on physical and emotional effects of pre-marital sex.

Ø Find more effective ways to relieve stress, such as listening to the soothing music in our blog here!

Think about the deep cut that will stay in you for life if you actually resort to having sex before marriage. Think about the discernment that the society will have on you. Primarily, think about that innocent unborn soul who will have to face life’s harsh punishments because of you.

Please refrain from pre-marital sex. Do not play with fire.


Anonymous said...

Well, probably both the sexes should talk about it before trying to commit it. But it's better to avoid it at all cost.

Blur Ting said...

Good lesson. Everyone knows the consequences, we need people like you to remind them from time to time.

BTW, I have linked you on my blog.

Apple said...

This is something very common nowadays. Instead of stopping it (which is our Asian thinking), proper sex education should be given shamelessly during young age. Nothing to be shy of, this is human nature.

If having sex is a sin....maybe all of us who is bachelor should become monk or nun. :P

The consequences, yea..if you involve in it, please remember to play safe. Once again, proper sex education is very important.

Judy said...

Great post. My kids should read this but sadly, they don't blog and don't don't read blogs. :(

NAFASG said...

Hi all...

Thanks for your comments and opinions on this serious matter.

Joel, yes true enough, sex needs commitment from both parties. It can be discussed before marriage but definitely cannot be done before marriage. Anyway nice of u to drop by! Glad to see u here! =)

Blur ting, it is nice to hear that u can count on us to remind u and many others of consequences of such acts. Glad to be at your service! =)

Apple, we agree that sex is not a sin, but it becomes one when u carry it out before marriage. And yes! The consequences should be given a thought before doing it. =)

Judy, u are a great mother to have the intention to educate your kids at a young age. They don't need to blog to be educated on this. U can slowly expose them to this issue, maybe by television. Sometimes television may show documentaries on it. So u can give that a try yeah? =)

Tom said...

Thanks for your valuable contribution!

NAFASG said...

Don't mention Tom. It is our pleasure. =)