Be Protected From Scams

Emails are designed to provide convenience in communication with the other parties, but sadly, the privileges of emails have been misused extensively. Emails do have their downfalls, one of which is the existence of fraudulent scams.

Fraudulent scams are very enticing to our eyes. They would grab your attention by telling you how much you have won in a lottery, and that you would need to submit your personal particulars, including your bank account numbers, in order to receive the money.

But hold your horses everyone! Before you go any further, put on your thinking cap and analyze whether that email sent directly to you is genuine or just another bogus email. Here is what you need to know about scams! We would like to share with you about the scams that have recently been circulated to many of our email inboxes, claiming that the emails came from the UK National Lottery:

1. A genuine email from UK National Lottery would not reveal the amount that the recipient has won, but a scam would.

2. The organization would already have its own email address to keep in touch with people. That email address is without a doubt an invalid one, indicating that it is yet another fraud.

3. A scam would always request you to submit your personal particulars. This organization, in particular, will never ask for your details. PLEASE BEWARE OF THIS!

4. Should the emails mention ‘Lottery Sweep Stake’ or ‘Winning Notification’ in their messages, they definitely do not come from the UK National Lottery.

So everybody, keep yourself alert. Do not be duped by these fraudulent scams. Here are the precautionary measures you should take to protect your inbox from being ‘harassed’:

v Do not click on links found in unknown emails.

v Do not deliver any advanced payments to these unknown senders even if they request you to do so to receive your ‘reward’.

v Never reveal your personal details through email.

v To visit a website, type the web address directly rather than to click on a link given to you via email. This is to detect whether the website address is valid and can be found in the server.

v The UK National Lottery will always ensure security in your details by asking security questions to facilitate in the establishment of your account with them. Other organizations would do the same too.


Readers do not let your Internet surfing experience be brought down because of these cock and bull stories via email.

Be vigilant! Beware of fraudulent scams!


J@n!ce said...

Thanks for this post. I received at least one of such spam emails everyday. I'm thinking how come pple can still fall into this trap when everywere pple are talking abt it. How incredible can fortune just behold on you from the sky rite? They better wake up their ideas :(

NAFASG said...

Hey Jan...

Yeah we should not get easily attracted to such things. If u can feel it in your heart that this is too good to be true, then it is possible that the email is just another trick. So keep yourself protected yeah? =)

thiamhin said...

good to blog bout this...
there are scams every times i check my mail...
i do hope this article help people realized this scams...

thanks for giving me the badge..

NAFASG said...

Hi Thiamhin...

Ya scams should be put to an end. And we should be vigilant in handling this situation. Anyway glad that u like the badge. U deserve it! =)