Truth always hurts. Of all truths, the one truth that could not only hurt you, but also kill you softly…is the fact that somewhere out there, someone is just way better than you in some aspects. You cannot run away from it.
The only thing you can do is to let it make you…or break you.
If it breaks you, that is where ‘Inferiority’ comes into the picture.

Inferiority is the act of thinking lowly of oneself, as compared to others whom, in one’s eyes, are far more superior in different aspects of life.
Yes, opposite of ‘Inferiority’ is ‘Superiority’,
the act of thinking highly, or sometimes too highly, of oneself.
Do you blame the superior ones for making you feel this way, or do you have yourself to blame for feeling this way?

Whatever it is, it goes without saying that this feeling, once develops, would make one become so emotionally and mentally challenged. Hey my friend, if you are going through this, I truly understand…because I was, and still am, fighting this feeling.

You may experience inferiority because of outward appearance. A more good-looking person takes you aback. This one, in particular, is dangerous.
Imagine! If the feeling grows, you would end up spending gazillions of dollars on makeovers, facial spas, even surgeries…just to be better looking than that good-looking person...

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